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Peep is so cute <3 I love the comic title
Ha, lol, awesome page. Yay, I had no idea how to continue it, I'm so glad someone else did. And your art is too cool as usual feruru
Lol, Now I feel bad for focusing first on stick figure Steven in the background ;)
Liam in wolf form. I couldn't decide if he should be brown fur or not, so I just went with his hair colour.

I just felt bad that I still can't do anything on my computer. It's been into the shop four times now and I still cant get any art program to work...
Anyway, this was done using my iPad. I dont have a stylus for it, so this is, literally, a finger painting. ;)
I couldn't decide who to actually put in there, so I'll let you come up with whoever they are.
Lmao, nice entrance

(I love you for updating ;* )
We're not dead, I've just been majorly busy... im sooo horrible, but once I've settled down in the new school year I'l start us back up again
LMAO, love Liam in the end :3
But wasn't Liam and Emmette already roomed? ((were's Liam going now????))
unless the're all sharing ((im asuming there's two beds and emmette is going to be sharing his??))
LOL, Awesome, he is awesome.
Soo funny he was kicked out for being a dick ;3
I am so so so sooo out of practice -_-'
At least this horrible term is over, my exams are now finished so I will hopefully be able to get on a lot more.

I had more planned for Liam to say, but I lost my notes somewhere and this is all I could think

Liam and Emmett just wouldn't be drawn properly X(
Lmao, awesome O_o poor Liam...

Im soo going to try get a page done, but I still have two more exams left I really need to study for -_-'

Luv you all for still including Liam
Ha, LOL ;D AWESOME post!!!
LMAO ^//^

Thanks for including Liam, my computer still isn't fixed '-_-' I really hate not being able to contribute
Cool! :D

Just a suggestion, maybe you could darken your lines before scanning it next time, it is a bit hard to see.
But nice, I like your style.
Welcome to the collab ;) Feiryn sounds cool, I like that he dances, and was raised by Romanian gypsies. :D
OMG im soo glad someone can update.. I havent had my computer for a while X( Dont get my art programs installed again for I dont know how long :( stupid computer crashing
Lol, he looks too cute XD is ok, it's just he might not be feeling well (is it close to full moon?)
Welcome to the collab :D
Soo cool!
Love the idea that we share rooms ;) That will be fun.