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@GokentoPower: No. It's Gamer's sister. She's here for her rematch.
some(Dragonthing bursts through the door)BODY ONCE TOLD ME
This is me whenever I try to write.
Hello darkness my old friend
Gamer may seem like a douche, but think about it: he made sure that the window was open before throwing Shady though it.
@GokentoPower: Can't. There is no signal in the void.
@Whip the Rabbit: Nah. She's grumpy because people keep on misspelling her name.
@spark th: Because black sclerae apparently means Akuma from Street Fighter.
14 sun's songs later...
Did he just use chaos control? Wouldn't that go against the power ban?
Just want to go out of the way to clarify that the point of this comic isn't to show that Gamer can still use his powers during the power ban. It's just him trying to get Shady to calm down.
@GokentoPower: Some internal dialogue to specify that he was reflecting would be helpful.
@WolfryHedgies: I have a catapult. Want to make it three?
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Aaaaand right after I finish making this, I forget that foxpuff's character, Draby, is supposed to be at the base of the stairs. Whoops.
@Spekkal_X2: I think that Jacques' mistakes were manipulating the judge with his powers and pulling others like The Gamer and Oilman into the trial. If Jacques actually presented evidence anything like what was shown in this comic, then Connor would've been arrested.