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I can't draw shiz.

I'm just on here to fav the comics I like, since its a pain in the ass trying to remember all of them, yadda yadda.

I like reading.

I like writing.

I love cats.

The end.

PS- Thank you everyone who I have faved for your hard work, even if I never comment and am just a creepy comic stalker, know that I love you and your comics <3
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Has it not been many moons since I have commented on this amazing comic of yoooours. Yes I have been MIA for a little while >.>

But I am not dead, do not fear! xD

How are yooou?

Comic is amazing, as always <3
I'm so freakin happy youre not dead T_T
(I mean that this comic isn't dead, thats mostly what I meant, but it came out weird, I mean, yes, I'm happy youre not dead too obviously but... gah, you know what I mean xD)
I am so looking forward to October :D
And you're art has really improved
Of course I'll always have a special place in my heart for your old work, I still read it from time to time for laughs, it was pretty amazing <3
But I'm sure this new improved comic will be better than ever *excited*
Dear GOD.
This calls for a celebration!... pretty much me just sitting in the corner though crying tears of nostalgia or something, idk xD
If I could give you something I would
But for now I shall just give you my thanks and *hugs*
And lol Danny, the way he got up in that 3rd panel, he's like A BALLERINA I TELL YOU :D
Speaking of ice cream me and my friend are making coffee ice cream tomorrow *dies of happiness**wishes she could give you some* I'm sorry T_T
Anyway, Love ya! Thanks for updates <3
WHY WON'T THE NEXT BUTTON REVEAL A NEW PAAAAGE!!! Nooooo, next button, you have forsaken me T_T

Hey, it's been awhile(on my side that is)xD

I like this page... its purple... like Sanders, lol.

And Jock kicked the hanging door beads... Or would it be hanging bead door.... or door hanging beads?...
Ah geez. I know how he feels though. I've been so slow lately, I tripped over my skirt today twice and then ran into the same wall fixture three times in a row xD

Thank you for updates, I adooore you ^_^
Haha, Jack in that last panel >.< How could anyone say no to that face? xD
Thanks for all these updates <3
I love how Jock stares at Sanders as if he was the one who wrote the letter xD

And of course it was the bird! Jock just can't have a normal admirer to save his life... Well, cept for all those people at the school, but those were all crazy teenagers so they dont count, haha:B

And if a comic of yours was at the bookstore I'd buy it in a heartbeat! I love the way you portray characters in your comics, and youre storytelling abilities and humor are amazing!

Lol, sorry for the long comment... I'm just always so excited when you update >.<

And I'm kinda crazy tonight cuz I had caffeine...

Okay, Ill shut up now, seriously!
I've been waiting for this! Questions are finally(sort of)being answered! I'm so glad I've stuck with you're comic, you're art and story are so amazing <3

It's weird, but I miss calling Mr. Porter, Mr.Friday xD I loved Mr. Friday Jack, it was just a cool name for him, lol. But I guess Ill used to the fact that Mr.Friday is someone else entirely(someday, haha).

Thanks for the updates!
Your comic was seriously one of the major reasons I even made a smackjeeves account eventually! I remember being a creepy comic stalker and reading your comic as a guest aaaall the time... I can't believe it's been so long since that first page T_T
It feels like it's been forever, I just went back and read the whole comic all over again. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!
But I understand how you need to move on. I'm looking forward to your future projects :)
Your new style is really awesome btw.
Until next time!
I love how it takes Merce a minute to think about it xD
God, I love him so much <3
Actually, I love all your characters
And this comic
And you
Thanks for updates! You are awesome!
My day was so awful today, but then I saw you updated and it made it a gagillion times better, thank you so muuuch <3
You update again, it makes me so happy T_T<--Tears of joy
I missed your comic sooo much!
I'm so excited you're back, can't wait for more updates!
Thank you, seriously <3
YOU UPDATED! I'm so... so freakin happy T_T
And no apologizing necessary, I totally understand how life tends to catch up with ya!
But you're updating again so all is well!
That anthology looks amazing, I'll see if I can get a copy.
You made my day, seriously <3
Oh, there it goes, he's never gonna see that couch the same way again T_T Poor couch, haha.

Right, right? Me too. Actually, I ALWAYS want Green Tea Ice cream, but that's besides the point... I want some even more now... Curse my mentioning it!!!

And idk, my sense of time is aaalways off, I swear if someone asked me what today was, I just be like O.O uuuuh.... I mean, WHAT IS TODAY?

*looks at computer calendar*Oh yeah... It's Monday xD
It's a good thing Danny noticed before things got aaaawkward

*busy texting Justin, looks over* OMIGAWD THEYRE MAKING OUT ON MY COUCH!...He'd never see that couch the same way again o.o

I don't know why, but I love that look on Danny's face in the BUMP! panel xD

And yes Justin, cause ice cream is a miracle that makes everything better.... Or more like.... GREEN TEA ICE CREAM IS A MIRACLE THAT MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER!It is, I swear, lol.

I missed you T_T

But I totally understand, life tends to get in the way of things like you're amazing comic here.

Look forward to seeing updates in the future <3
Oh, Jock, just bury yourself deeper and deeper xD

AND YAY FOR PAYTON! She's not getting beaten up as I feared she was, looks can be deceiving, she must have psycho muscles or something o.o

Thank you for the update(s) <3
Danny's just like, Oh God. Haha, poor guy xD

I love Dereks random mood swing, its like, EVIL GLARE OF DOOM. And then HI DANNY YOUR PLACE IS FABULOUS.

It was so perfect, I laughed so hard


It's so good to see you back! Maybe this new year won't be so bad after all! You updating is a sign! A SIGN!
xD Just rub it in Maria. She's so cute drunk!

Poor Carter, I feel sorry for him </3
YOU UPDATE!!!! *rejoices* I missed yooou T_T But it's good to see you motivated and back again!

Aw, poor Jock, all angsty and whatnot xD At least Sanders showed some loooove for once, haha

And meanwhile, Payton falls into(or should I said, falls out of) the background while these two have their bromance moment. Poor Payton, but I'm sure she'll kick that Real Scary Highschoolers butt

Happy Holidays to you too <3
I was really enjoying this comic, and waiting for another update :(

But I understand, you will be missed! But yeah, see you around? Maybe I'll be able to follow another comic of yours in the future :)