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Nacht Krieger
"Nacht Krieger" means "Night Warrior in german.
No...I am not German, but have taken 3 semesters of that awesome language so far and am really enjoying it.
I am a big fan of anything sci-fi and comic related, I enjoy reading manga a lot. Drawing is a hobbie I have had since I was a kid but have not been consistent with it.
I am a fun guy and I like making friends so feel free to PM me or whatever.
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Have you ever woke up and felt like this...?
I actually found this page kinda funny. Have you ever woke up and thought "Hey...I thought I was dead". That is exactly what Dean is going through at this moment.
But did he get here?
Thanks again, I did try to not give much away as I feel that is the stuff that attracts readers.
The summary doesn't say much in my opinion, but yes the story is progressing so far.
I should have a couple more pages by the end of the day. School doesn't start for me until Thursday but I work like everyday so I may not be able to update much during the week.
Just a filler page to separate the color and the b&w pages that are coming up.
So what? I think it makes it look better that way.
The splash page for chapter 1.
I kind of did not like how this came out. I suck at just isn't my thing, that is why I draw manga so I can get away with the black and white.
Anyways, no more color pages hopefully for a while.
By the way, this is a "double page".
And the story begins...NOW!
Thanks for baring through the short prologue. This marks the official beggining of the story.
I suck at doing color pages but I found it appropriate for the begining of the series.
Hope you enjoy
Will check it out
Mémoire 00 last page
As I said before, the "mémoire" chapters will be relatively short, most of them consisting of only one short scene.
I decided to keep this one to only 4 pages and show Dean Clarke's death because this is the way the story begins.
Stay posted, Chapter 1 will be starting soon
I originally wanted to draw more of the death scene, but I couldn't manage to do it. I kept failing, and failing...and then failing some more...
This page still turned out OK, but the image I had in my head was completely different from the turn out.
New chapter? Awesome!
I haven't read your comic in a while so I am catching up
Nacht Krieger
January 7th, 2011
Sex happened =)
Nacht Krieger
January 7th, 2011
dude I love your comic!
I have a confession to make...
The inspiration from this scene came long before even thinking about this comic.
Have you seen the movie "The Lazarus Project"? It is a great movie about a man who is convicted for murder and sentenced to death, he wakes up in a sort of mental facility in which he is convinced that his "life" didn't exist.
Unfortunately it never hit the theaters and was released straight to DVD, but if you get a chance you should check it out.
The basis of the life of Dean kind of comes from that movie. The woman and child we see in this page are a clue as to his past.
Who are they?
Well...I know who they are but won't tell!
I like your coloring style, it looks very profession!
I like cliffhangers!
I just started reading your comic last night and it is...AWESOME!
Mémoire means "Memory".
Through out the story there will appear several short stories titled "Mémoires". These chapters will serve as a prologue leading into what happened before the beginning of the series and will serve to occasionally tie up loop holes. Most of them will be relatively short containing anywhere from 3-10 pages at the most.
I figured it would be appropriate to begin the series with a prologue (mémoire) chapter.
On a site note, I would like to mention that they will not necesarily be in any particular chronological order as they will tell different points of the lives of the characters.
Hi and thank you for checking out my brand new project, I hope that you enjoy it as it takes a lot of me to actually manage a do a webcomic.

This is just the "cover" page, continue reading and thank you again