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[insert generic greeting here]

So, I think it's pretty obvious that I'm more of a writer than a comic artist if you see how long it takes me to update things. Though I try to update whenever I can. Really, I do. The thing is is that I have to have motivation and drive to do it. Which varies. Completely. I guess what I'm trying to say is that patience is a virtue. Especially since making the plot takes a while and collaborating on a story takes a long time. Additionally with the changes that can happen halfway through and all that other stuff.

Other than that I'm kind of just a lurker and read whatever in the time being.
Goodness, Troy. The day's just started and you seem to already be in a state of panic. Breathe, good sir. Breathe.

I'm interested to see what he'll do though. I mean, yes, he could stay and be with Django but then there's the possibility of furthering his career (at least that's the vibe I was getting). Also, yes...moving. I don't know if Troy's the kind of person who hates it, but I can't blame him for bringing that up - excuse or not. Still, what with their little secret relationship going on, he's got a tough decision to make.
I won't lie, I love this so far. I really, really do and am waiting to see where it goes. Honestly, I don't see an easy friendship from here on out and I don't blame Kyle for being suspicious of kind people. I know not all have bad intentions and I haven't had any 'stab me in the back' but I get suspicious too. So, really, I can't think, "Wow, you're kind of an asshole."

On another note: I REALLY hope they don't bite into those sandwiches again because of cross-contamination and bacteria. (Sorry, it's just my culinary lessons coming to mind while looking at this, don't mind me.)
I love Melina, she's awesome.

And, Daniel...just run your fingers through your hair or just shake it all up. Give yourself an, 'I just got out of bed look' or - y'know...kinda, 'Sexy and I know it.'
For a second there I thought Patient was going to say, 'You.' in response to Incubus' question.
I friggin' knew it. She's gonna make a big deal out of it and make the whole hotel - or whatever - stare at them like, 'What's going on?'

Geez. I kinda want Aki to pull that 'badass' face he's doing in panel three when talking to Kaidou's mom and be all, 'So you want me to have a stuck-up attitude, act like there's a stick up my ass and that everyone's below me?' 'cause that's the vibe I'm getting from this woman.

Doesn't she realize that when someone of her 'standards' says 'no offense' they mean to offend you half the time? (in some cases, some not)
I'm just gonna hope she turns that attitude around before she makes Kaidou REALLY angry.
Dear LORD... *buries face in hands*

Why, oh, why do I get the feeling that she's gonna pull the 'boo-hoo' thing when Kaidou tells her he's not interested? Better yet: make a huge deal out of it.

Apparently his mother did a bad job interviewing potential brides because jeebus - I couldn't believe that she was picked by the way she was dressed. Especially with how Kaidou's dad is all 'tradition this, tradition that.'

I swear...if Aki even DARES to think he's not worthy of Kaidou... *rubs face*

I don't even know why this page made me frustrated but...just...ugh. Aki, Aki, darlin', save me the aggravation, PLEASE.
If she hadn't been all snooty and saying mean things to Daniel, I might feel sorry for her - but I don't. Not really. Man, Lori...I LIKED you.

It's okay, Louis, you just wanted to spend more time getting to know the guy 'cause he's fun and doesn't care about, erm, labels. Statuses. He likes you for you and it's like a breath of fresh air. Don't freak out about it, it's all good!

Also: Congrants on the nomination!
I'm siding with the demon too. Heaven can kiss Hell's ass.

Also, Reiji, shut up. You're not helping. Heaven can't make a bloody peace treaty with Hell because the King is SICK and DYING! Are you DEAF?! *shakes him* You must be because holy -


Just toss Hiro down there, get him crowned - or he can appoint a new ruler or something and come back to be discriminated in Heaven once again (joy...) - and then you'll get your sodding peace treaty and can piss off!

Make things more complicated than they already are...jeezus. *rubs temples* Heaven's logic is getting on my nerves.


*coughs into fist* Ranting done. Wonderful job on the page. Lovely.
Holy snap.

It's been SO LONG since anything's taken me by surprise or have made my face turn red. I was - WOW.

*hands over award*
Okay, Kaidou's dad, let's take a step back from this, shall we? Let's see...Aki was kicked to the curb when he was a little kid. Yeah, that sucks. A lot.

Then you go and disown your own son. Who was brutally honest with you, telling you there is NO WAY he could possibly 'get it up' for anyone but Aki. This whole tradition thing and saying it's being...'dishonored' and stuff. It's a little extreme.

But, oh, what's this? It looks like Kaidou still has his MOM. Awesome.

I have the feeling there's gonna be more drama, Aki's gonna be all angsty and I smell possible interference that might go wrong.

Oh, and bad memories returning for Aki. Yep.'s been so long since I've read this and I've finally caught up with what I've missed.

I must say that this page tugged at my heart strings. Especially the last one because Charlie could FINALLY sign what he wanted to ask but Sam didn't see it. I was all, 'Aaaaw...' when I saw that.

Let's just hope he can ask Sam again when he turns around. But, for now, flashback time!

Their relationship is just too precious. I think I might die by the end of this comic. Seriously.
Redoing Pages
Yes. You read that correctly. I'm redoing all these eight pages of 'shading Hell.'

I highly doubt my art style changed much but I figured I could revamp the start of it all and make it seem less: Random girl makes a guy go BAM! into another then instantly makes a fool of himself and some sort of drama-llama comes in to tick him off.
I think you get my point.

Another thing is that I've found an easier way to shade stuff so it won't be as frustrating as it was when I first started. Let's see if this decision will be worth it, eh?

Still expect to see some random screentones every now and again though.

*the image above was drawn by a friend of mine.
February 3rd, 2013
I just - I can't - *rolls away going 'tralalala'*
Lori...I can't believe I actually liked you! I officially hate you now. And guess what, baby-cakes? That means Louis won't like you much either.

Suck. On. That. Boom.

*hugs Daniel* It's okay darling. It's okay. That stupid girl has no idea what she's talking about. *pets his head*
December 27th, 2012
On the last page I thought, 'Jeezus, woman! Are you trying to get him killed?!' and this page just confirmed it.

Wow...and just when I was hoping we'd got something consensual and not what Incubus did. Aka: molesting someone in their sleep.

Troy! Quick! Jump in and save him!
I hope Django doesn't hit his head on those rocks.
December 26th, 2012
Oh for the love of - this is NOT gonna be fair to the Captain, Sai! He's probably right around the corner going, 'Dammit! I still have to stay out of sight and Sai's in trouble!'

And, ew...personal space, buddy. Ever heard of it? I just - imagining how BAD his breath must smell made me queasy.
Is it bad that I want to bap Haru upside the head with a newspaper and remind him that Ryuuta did say he was 'the heir to the Satsuma Corporation.'

Which, under normal circumstances, if believed, would've landed him in more of a pickle than just 'I have no money and no place to stay.'

At least Aki cleared up the Kaidou mess before it even started. Good boy.
I see a lot of people getting angry at this, what Josh has just done, but I honestly see it as fair. Taking into account she admitted that she used him, does seem right to be used as well.

As the saying goes, "What goes around, comes around." or, in simpler terms, "Karma's a bitch." did a good deed. Feeding wise, that is. We can't have Hiro lose his head now, can we?

No. That would be bad. Really, really bad.

Is is bad that I wanna see Hiro look like he is now like...all the time? He looks badass and cute at the same time. I'm gonna appreciate this appearance while it lasts.
I love this 'break up' scene. It's way better than others where the couple just yells at each other demanding why and all that stuff - true, that's how REAL couples break up but it's just's too normal, too easy to expect so this is a nice change. Even if T.J. and Sam weren't really a couple.

I wonder what those two missed while having a lovely chat.