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Andy Anderson
I'm one of those weird people that's really quiet and shy when you first talk to them, but after a while I become the weirdest and wildest person you know. I don't know. That's what my friends tell me.

I like to draw, a LOT, like religiously every day, but I also like a little mixed media here and there too. I love playing with Photoshop, but I'm but a wee beginner so my style is constantly changing.

I'm into all kinds of music, but I mostly like happy, dancy stuff that puts me in a good mood, like techno, especially the Caramelldansen! I'm also really into indie music, be it rock or whatever not much of the rest of the world is listening to. Basically, if it catches my interest, I'll listen to it. But my favorite is The Beatles. I even want to name my first-born son Ringo!

Right now, I'm a full-time high school student, but someday I want to do something big. Huge. Amazing. Something everyone will remember about me. I'm looking into voice acting, along with graphic design and becoming an author. I have a manuscript for a pretty sweet book finished and now I'm shipping it around to different agents, so hopefully I can get published in the future. Wish me luck!
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You know the multi-pack undies are hot
Thongs are unsanitary. Cotton is breathable, and comfortable.

Also I actually have worn a one-piece swimsuit under clothes on a day I was out of underwear. It worked to my advantage because later that day it rained, so no regrets.
lol non-artists are cute
So the norm in drawing people includes drawing the nude figure first, then drawing the clothes on (so you know where the clothes will hang, etc.) And the other day I was finishing up a nude figure in my sketchbook during my lunch break, when this ultra-stupidly-trendy girl walked by me with her friend and said "Eew, look, ew" and something about naked people. What are you, 14? Seriously.
Oh wow on-time update?
Even if it is pretty simple...

One chilly morning I wore this outfit, now it will serve as my Fall 2010 costume (except for special comics/Halloween). And that blue scarf will definitely stick around.

This art is from 3 months ago too, I haven't had a chance to touch this comic until very recently. My style has changed a little bit since then, so don't freak out if any comics that might follow this one are a little different.

Anyway yeah I've been 20 for a while now, I don't feel much older but maybe it will kick in later.
Meme time!
So yeah I know I've done my share of Twilight bashing but because it's still current... take this. Also, filling out a meme was quick and easy and I don't have the time/energy for a full comic.

Hope to see some of you at San Japan next weekend~!
The worst week of my life.
You cannot imagine the hell I have been through this week. Every day has felt like a year. It's like someone dropped an atomic bomb on my life.

There are big changes on the horizon, big, scary changes. And this quick sketch (by the way don't expect comics of much substance while I'm going through all this, if I can even update at all) represents every emotion I am experiencing: loneliness, fear, sadness, and exposure. I don't consider this vulgar nudity because no parts are exposed, please don't deem this inappropriate because I do NOT have the energy to defend myself. I barely have the energy to breathe.
More high-quality filler while I'm working on art for San Japan.

For those of you who aren't in the know, "bishie" is short for "bishounen," the Japanese tern for attractive guys in anime/manga. Don't worry, I love my bishies just as much as the next kid, but these days I tend to prefer more 3-dimensional men.
I'm the foxiest grandpa you know.
So yeah, whilst getting art done for San Japan 3 last night, my flash drive decided to explode. Now I can't access all of the art I've been painstakingly working on for a week, and am desperately trying to make up for lost time since the con is just over a month away. Enjoy this filler.
The Canadian hive-mind of chaos.
You thought Zalgo was dead, he was just hibernating. Waiting for the day he could rise in his new form, the form of a teen idol with hair as immobile as his hatred.

Oh don't sue me kawaii Bieber-chaaaaan >A>

Based on a convo my friend Andre and I had this morning when I was still too groggy to really be conversing with other people.
... I suppose :/

Anyway I'm sorry I haven't been updating much lately but I've been pretty busy with school/Kawmack's been crushing my creativity ;n; I promise more comics now that I'm free for the summer.
My dad got me a reasonably-sized heart-shaped box of choco-love this V-Day so I didn't feel completely pathetic herp derp.

Also, the reason raspberry-flavored candies gross me out now is because last semester, I did some research on artificial flavorings for a class assignment, and as it turns out the tanginess for raspberry candy comes from processed beaver anal glands. I'm not joking. Google it.
So this is Christmas
SORRY I'M LATE!!! It's probably not even Christmas anymore wherever you are. But it's 10:40 as I type this, on Christmas night, so it counts still.

This Christmas was pretty sweet, I got a shiny new iTouch and a digital camera. The only problem is that the iTouch isn't compatible with my dinosaur XP, so I've gotta update my system. Ah well, it's a small price to pay to watch Mika's crazy "Lollipop" video any time I want, amirite???
The logical decision would be for me to cosplay Miku since I'm a girl... but since I'm ME, that would be illogical for me to do something logical. Oh, my poor purple-shirted companion, he goes through so much abuse...

He feels naked without something purple, btw, hence the purple clips on his Miku tie. lol
OMG AN ON-TIME UPDATE! Don't get used to it. I'm in Test City this week dawg.

This was lot of fun to work on. I like being a gentleman xD there will probably be more like this.

I bet you were wondering when my dear friend in the purple shirt would be making an appearance. He wouldn't want to be in the Host Club though, he's not into that girly stuff. Dark Magic Club is more his speed. I'm jealous, I admit, Nekozawa's pretty dang hot... lol.

Catch you kids on the flip side, yo.

Just proving to you I'm not dead yet... although I may have killed myself working on this one. Sad, since this is pretty simple art, but it's so much in one place, so yeah.

Also sorry if the ordering is a little confusing, this is sort of one big art/word jamboree... if you pay close enough attention it should all make sense. Just go by the rows, left to right, and straight on 'til tomorrow... ugh.

Part 1 of 2! Next week I got more hosting action comin' your way!
I can never eat frozen yogurt, or any ice cream, ever again.

Note the new hair. I finally got that Zac Efron look I wanted. Hurr.
Oh hey, what's this? Could it be? Is it really? YES! It's an update! Finally Andy found a brief space in her busy life to actually draw a freaking comic! Seriously folks, I have no idea how I found the time to draw this, crappy as it is. Maybe I'm just trying to bulk up my comic collection before the big con next weekend? Hmm?

This past weekend has been pretty miserable. Saturday morning I woke up with a crippling headache, which became an ear infection, a sore throat that makes eating like swallowing sandpaper, and lethargy so bad I could barely complete a sentence. And five days right before my birthday too (it's the 7th). Bawwww. Ah well.

If I don't die before then, I'll be making an appearance at San Japan, August 14-16 in San Antonio, Texas, as well as participating in a panel on web comics (3 pm on Sunday in Panel Room 1, according to Chris Holm... heheh) and hopefully the Iron Artist competition where if I'm lucky I'll be able to once again draw a Mudkip in shorty-shorts <3
Just ask anyone who's dealt with me in the past 24 hours or so. I've been really angsty and short-tempered today, lashing out at everyone and everything for no particular reason. I blame the heat personally. 105 is too freaking hot.

That said, I'm no longer angsty and snappy. Drawing this comic was great therapy to relieve it. Although I still want to go toobing, but no one will go with me. They're all afraid of the sun. Bawwww.
Those fish are really frightening xD Actually, they look a lot like my drunken family. Nice job.
Pretty self-explanatory
This last week pretty much sucked.