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I'm a Polish girl with passion to comic/manga. Japanese manga style suits me.

I still learn new things.
I have many ideas.
My dream is to release all those work!
And I'll do it!

Find me on:
WebToon/ lkomiksowa
Deviantart/ lomcia
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I will keep that in mind for new chapters, too much to do comic in 2 languages and then change all spelling mistakes from beginning. I'll let you know :D
ffffffffffffff! <3
@MattIshida23: I hope you will enjoy it. If the first book will be successful I will continue story :D
Próbowałam PM zostawić ale masz zablokowaną możliwość, normalnie nie piszę takich rzeczy w komentarzach"
Paru polskich komiksiarzy założyło discorda, by wspierać się wzajemnie. Zapraszamy jeśli masz ochotę :)
@CAMLOST: yeah xD !and she looks little bit like me xD i just dont have freckles on my face :P
omg, I was his first girlfriend xD
@TriaElf9: Ok. I'm happy to see your own story. I've seen your fan comics but I really looking forward to se your oryginals ;)
That is your oryginal story ?
more pages love!
why its censored if it is said it will contain sex anyway xD ?
@papierowybandyta: wiem i to jest takie smutne :/ teraz juz kazdy komiks robie po angielsku :/
no prosze, rzadko widuje polskojęzyczne komiksy :) pośledzę :D
i dont like that smile...
I love her so much!
@CAMLOST: you cant chose family. at least my husband is good for me and love me
@CAMLOST: thats why she remaind me of my mother in law xD srsly, shes like her