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I'm a Polish girl with Lithuanian roots and passion. My passion is drawing. Japanese manga style suits me.

I still learn new things.

My hobbies include theater, painting and cycling.

I have many ideas.

My dream is to release all those work!

And I'll do it!

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WebToon/ lomcia
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i dont like that smile...
I love her so much!
HI! I know, I'm bad. I did small and big changes. Now RE:Eclipse will be full colored, but if you want pages quicker I need your support. Share with others, send links to my deviantart, kofi or patronite to people that I can actualy do it and have some money from it. Because of my disability it's hard to find a job which will be good for me, plus I got 3 year old at home which need food and clothes. I will be so greatful if you will tell that to everyone you can and I might find some supporters!

You can always read it earlier on:
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Become my patreon -

PS: Remember about my other comic:
@CAMLOST: you cant chose family. at least my husband is good for me and love me
@CAMLOST: thats why she remaind me of my mother in law xD srsly, shes like her
I dont like her mother. She remainds me of my mother in law
AW, cute, he got shy
@CAMLOST: ciiii, I know but come on, gave me moment xD i just want them to be happy xD hahaha
i hope she is his mother xD
noooo! what he did! i know he did something, look at her!!! noooo!
@BananaUhl: That is so kind of you. If you want to read more i got it on LineWebtoon 6 chapters already :) or you can wait for more here xD
agh, more dude :D !
April 23rd, 2018
that.... hurt xD
:D that is little silly behavior but she is in love! :D
like always! LOVE IT!
June 13th, 2017
@neostar8710: I will send you PM
June 13th, 2017
@neostar8710: It was ages ago hahaha. Here is link to that one 5f585/530422f5e4b0ade3956345eb/1392780022297/spoon.jpg?format=500w
June 12th, 2017
Love! I am so impress how you progress with that comic and your style! Love it! I am your fan since you started :D <3 even gave you my fan art once :P