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I'm a Polish girl with Lithuanian roots and passion. My passion is drawing. Japanese manga style suits me match.

I still learn new things.

My hobbies include theater, painting and cycling.

I have many ideas.

My dream is to release all those work!

And I'll do it!
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like always! LOVE IT!
June 13th, 2017
@neostar8710: I will send you PM
June 13th, 2017
@neostar8710: It was ages ago hahaha. Here is link to that one 5f585/530422f5e4b0ade3956345eb/1392780022297/spoon.jpg?format=500w
June 12th, 2017
Love! I am so impress how you progress with that comic and your style! Love it! I am your fan since you started :D <3 even gave you my fan art once :P
wow, mate! I just love it! I hope you wont stop making this comic :) After 2 chapters I will recommend your comic on my blog :D
I will wait for more!!! <3333
i'm in love!
Polska wersja na
Polska wersja na
to bylo na prawde slodkie ze podarowano swinke :D
ha! firts! 486117311 for you
sorry FOR WAITING SO LOOOOONG! Now I will try to update it every Saturday!
awesome! I thought you will never update that comic! aaaa! <3 are you taking fanarts?
your comic remain me of my own. I mean, that one of guys meet girl-dragon and had a lot of adventures :D hahah
she is adorable but he is so... so... ninny :D
I love it in color but I need to tell you that in black and white it was also verry good!
omg! that's so cool! I can't wait!
did she got a period? did she loose virginity? or she had a hard night?