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Oh. My. God. I can't even.. This page took my hopes and surpassed them by leaps and bounds. I love the change in Kae from K-A-E to Ten. I feel like their time apart and the struggles they've endured made Kae realize how precious Inori is to him. It seems his more reserved nature has dissipated quite a bit and this page really brings that home. These last few pages capture the desperation and longing he's been feeling and it couldn't have been done more beautifully. Also, Inori's shocked expression in this moment is very endearing. In the past, he was usually the one moving things forward with Kae so seeing him being taken in by Kae like this is unbelievably erotic. Inori will always be one of my favorite seme of all time, he's charming in all the right ways. So seeing him completely undone is one of my most fervent wishes and this page completely fulfilled that. I am dying to see the next update!
Inori's expression in the last panel..! I can't take it..He's just so erotic >//<..I'm so happy the barrier between them is being broken down in this moment. And you're capturing it so beautifully. I don't think I've ever been so captivated. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible work with us.
Uwahh!! I'm SO happy about this! And WOW! What an absolutely gorgeous page! I can't keep my eyes off of Inori either. He's such a beautiful man >//< I really can't wait for the next update.
I cannot even begin to explain how ecstatic I am about this page. I've been waiting for this and to see them together again in such a way after so long seriously gave me goosebumps. Inori's smile in the third panel is adorable as well. The genuine love between these two makes this intimate moment that much more passionate. I am dying to see the next few pages! >.<
I absolutely love seeing this side of Inori. Jealousy is a completely natural emotion and I think you portrayed it especially well in that last panel. Inori's expression says it all, it's perfect!
It's obvious he's still unsure of his place in Kae's heart and I think that adds to the jealousy and uncertainty that he's feeling here. Their bond is truly beautiful and I think the slow progress speaks to the honest love they have for each other. They are both longing but scared any move forward will sever the delicate thread that connects them right now. They're both so afraid of losing the other that it's keeping them from embracing each other. This dilemma makes the reader really desperate for their relationship to develop and for the moment they vocalize their affection for one another, it's really incredible writing on your part Soen! I've always loved the fact that this comic has such an intricate and compelling plot while also portraying such a captivating romance. Their struggle is part of what makes this comic such a joy to read and I think you're doing a fantastic job capturing each and every moment between Inori and Kae.And I am really looking forward to seeing how their relationship continues to develop. I can't wait for the next few updates! ^^
Uwah! I love that last panel! It's absolutely gorgeous!
I'm seriously DYING to see these two get a little..ahem..closer? >.<
I'm really looking forward to the next update!
May 15th, 2014
I really excited about this comic. The characters are interesting, the art is beautiful, and the obvious connection between these two is not only endearing but truly captivating. I'm really looking forward to future updates. I can't wait to see how the story and relationship develops!
I have to be honest, I love this comic so much..And although I don't find it disgusting per se, I don't care for this plot twist too much either. The fact that it's Alex's sister really isn't my problem. This turn of events just makes me feel like Andrew is very..How do I put it, shallow, maybe? To have slept with Alex and developed strong feelings for him while in another relationship and to continue that relationship [I mean he's going to her house and meeting her family, that makes me think it's progressing]..It all just gives me the impression that his character doesn't have much depth.
This is all speculation of course and I'm sure Nadishko has a reason for this turn of events..These are just my feelings on the current situation as I see it now. Either way, the pages are beautiful as always and Alex's reaction is portrayed really well..His shock is so apparent..I love it!
March 14th, 2014
I'm seriously DYING to see how Angel portrays Jude without his glasses..Uwahh! >.< I want more of these two!
February 8th, 2014
I definitely agree. I've always liked Colt. At first, I think I was just really smitten with his appearance. I absolutely love Shuno but Colt is a little more my type. But after his story and personality developed, I began to become really partial to him as a whole.
A part of me has always thought that Colt's feelings for Kaito seemed a bit, I don't know, confused. He made it clear that Kaito reminded him of his deceased lover and that makes me feel that he was looking at Kaito to fill a void, which to me opened the door for a true love to help stifle the despair that has permeated Colt's life.
I never appreciated his interference between Kaito and Shuno but I also thought it was incredible story-telling on Angel's part. To bring a character with such an obviously intriguing story into the mix was brilliant. I also feel that Colt's meddling helped Kaito and Shuno realize certain things about their own relationship which ultimately helped them become closer.
I also agree that Jude is an amazing character. That attitude of his is unbelievably endearing and I love the way he shows his affection for Colt by taking care of him. His sassy yet kind-hearted disposition is also why I think he's so perfect for Colt. The dynamic Angel has created between Colt and Jude is extremely compelling. This comic explores such a wide range of human emotion. I love that Angel is not afraid to show the flaws and short-comings of her characters as well. The depth of her characters makes this comic such an enjoyable read. Nothing feels contrived or forced and the relationships between the characters is also captured beautifully.
Everything about this side story has me thrilled each time Angel updates. I really can't wait to see what happens next ^^

Oh and sorry for the long comments! >.<
February 8th, 2014
To be honest, I absolutely love this pairing and I am really looking forward to their relationship developing into something more. It's funny, despite the fact that I didn't care for Colt's interference with Kaito and Shuno's relationship, I've always had a thing for him. I've also always been very partial to his appearance and personality traits. To me, there is always something inherently melancholy about him which has always made him very endearing to me. Even when he's laughing or smiling, I feel like there's a sadness that permeates any happiness he expresses. He's a character with a lot of depth which makes his story very intriguing. This profound complexity all of your characters have is part of what makes this comic such a captivating read.
This impression I have of Colt is also part of why I am so excited about his relationship with Jude. At some point, I would love to see his happiness shine unbound and unabashed and I think Jude could help him achieve such a feeling. I've become pretty infatuated with their dynamic and relationship. It really is a testament to what an incredible story-teller you are Angel. The fact that you were able to cast a character such as Colt, a man that most readers most likely did not like at first, in such a compelling light really speaks to your talent not only as an artist but as a story-teller as well.
Thank you so much for deciding to create a story revolving around Colt and Jude. I am already waiting in suspense for the next update! ^^
Ah..I was waiting for this moment to happen. I'm actually really curious about Kakyu's response and how he feels towards Kae. Considering everything that has happened, I wonder if he still blames Kae or if he's come to understand the haunting predicament both Ray and Kae were both in at the time. I really loved the way you captured Ray's character is K-A-E. The contradiction between his desires and his genes along with his complicated relationship with Kakyu made for such a compelling story. The dynamic between all the characters carries over beautifully from K-A-E to Ten. Not to mention, the art just continues to get more and more gorgeous ^^
@Soen Kai:

Ohh my mistake!
Ah..I really can't get enough of Inori ^^

Oh and I super jealous you get to the go to Toulouse in France..My favorite mangaka of all time, Yoneda Kou, will be there!
>.< Have an amazing time!
Aw..Such a tease ^^
Ah Shit..Inori looks way to sexy here..I can't even take it..I think this is absolutely the most enchanting I've ever seen him >//<

You did an incredible job with this page!
Inori's sleepy face is beautiful..I guess that's to be expected though, ne? ^^

And Kae sleeps with his belly out! How adorable! >//<
Uwah! Inori is just..Adorable!
I love the way you capture his cat genes and his expressions are to die for..I can't wait for the next page!
Uwah >.<
I really hope Inori is awake *crosses fingers*
Geez..I just can't stop staring at that last panel. The way Inori is reaching toward Kae and the immense blush permeating Kae's gorgeous face..It's all so captivating. I cannot wait for the next page..I'm truly hoping for an intimate moment between them..I know it sounds strange but I'm mostly looking forward to seeing the way you portray Inori's expressions >.<