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So much crap coming my way!
First, I had a butt load of illnesses throughout the first part of July. Even a blood clot on the top of my right lung as a topping!

NOW? My 91 year old grandfather might be slowly passing away. He's just now starting to get Alzheimer's Disease and he just had a major crash this week. Not really eating. Having to wear a diaper.

And on top of that, my grandmother has a heart attack just for being out in the sun for a few minutes. She's okay though.

Too much going on!!!
In the hospital for bronchitis. :(
Happy Birthday to me!
The big 2-7. And officially 6 years since I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease.
Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Some people will be having BBQs with people who have served with the Armed Forces who are active duty, retired, or reserved. Don't forget about these people that protect our very liberties that we have on and off the internet.

For me, I have to give a salute to my half-brothers (one active and one retired Marines) and my father (in the Air Force for 26 years) and of course don't forget the spouses who have to live with the day to day of the military lifestyle.

From me, an Air Force JROTC cadet, and everyone else, we salute the fallen and the active.

Sorry I haven't updated but I've been trying to make the official M.O.R.P.H. and I really need someone who knows how ComicPress works. I've tried Webcomic but no one else knows how to use it for help.

So til then, get your Animorphs adventures here!
Official site is live... Seomwhat.
The official "M.O.R.P.H." website, MORPH is up and running and I'm just having to put in the archive of pages that has already appeared. I will still keep this but if anyone knows Webcomic plug-in to help me dress up the site, contact me at
In dedication to PVP/PA...
If anyone knows the Penny Arcade/PVP Dungeons and Dragons podcasts... You'll get a laugh from this. This is in dedication to it because I was listening to the PAX podcast as I was writing the first bit of this arc.
Once I find where I found this Earth, from a long time ago collecting images for this project, I will credit them here!
It begins!
Yes it does! The ball has started rolling!
Knew I forgot a page!
The Contact and Guest Cover!
With permission of the commissioner, Char Reed of the Animorphs Graphic Novel,, and the Animorphs group: .

You can see her work at: -

Animorphs (c) K.A. Applegate/Michael Grant/Scholastic
M.O.R.P.H. (c) Heather Haskett
Getting to the end of the Prologue.
Got two pages left til "The Andalite's Prologue" ends. I do have pages for "The Contact" at the ready but I got a guest artist doing the cover so be patient people as she finishes it. Look her up, name is Char Reed. :3
New site!
I'm getting a brand new site that will be the "official" site of "M.O.R.P.H.". -
You'll see in issue 2: The Contact. :3
Page 20!

Went to my last appt for the week but I got two next week so I think there will be two updates.

Anywho, the books never revealed how they communicated over all ranges who I made this crescent moon (or a hoof print) communicator they can use.

We are at 20 comics!!!
Yep. I now finished the #00 issue cover! Love it? Hate it?
Djabala... KAWAII!!!!

I really love this page. Wild djabala vs. Lirem-djabala!

<3 - Heather
Stupid alien worlds...

I HATE THE ANDALITE HOMEWORLD AT NIGHT TIME! *ahem* Sorry but the sky and grass and making it look like night is a pain to my side.

Only a few more of these... Got to tell myself that. For everyone, we are about 10 pages or so to the end of the prologue. :3
Comic and sleep!

It's midnight, I got Remicade tomorrow so I need some sleep. YAY!

- H
It's morphin' time!

First night-time picture I've done in a long time. So if it doesn't look to par to you, I'm getting used to it. Some of the tutorials weren't really what I needed so I improvised.

BTW... It's morphin' time! HUH? HUH