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i grew up on Dark Horse comics, mostly Predator and Aliens. I work full time and draw, create and write comics on the side. Currently working on making at least a part time gig of doing comics.
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    Nate Sterken
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Great Fun
Your artwork is extremely enjoyable to take in. Great comic!
LOL I was thinking Lucas was going to need a good slap while I was reading the top of the page.
igive the book a 4 of 5 so far! Grea story, wonderful art and engaging storytelling! Excited to read more!
just wanted to say: very nice 3D background!
This third page was very cinematically inspired. LOL I'm hoping it wasn't too "Gone With the Wind" but I still like the flow of this page.
Our story continues with page 2. This page was fun to draw and color. I like how the hair came out blowing in the wind. Use CTRL + or - to ZOOM in and out.
This is the first page. This will be a printed comic when finished. I am using Manga Studio EX4 which I enjoy using more than Photoshop for making comics. Feel free to leave your thoughts!