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Likes:yaoi,anime,manga,yaoi,music,fan art,yaoi,my family at times,yaoi,Yaoi,YAoi,YAOi,YAOI,YAOI!!!!!!X3

Dislikes:my brother,yuri,ect.(to many to list)

Hobbies:Singing,drawing,making comics.
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    DC Nichols
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@Tessabel: Then my mission was successful, I'm happy my stupid as fuck comment made someone laugh to the point of crying X3
Oh for the love of fuck.
JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP AND MAKE OUT ALREADY! Colt pin him to the damn table,tear off those fuckin juicy short off him and just have hot dry sex in every room of the house! This is killing you,him, more importantly US! THINK ABOUT HOW WE FEEL YOU STUPID DICKWAFFLE! KISS HIM! FUCK HIM! GODDAMNIT!.....Thus ends my short rant of the day.
Soft Shuno,
Warm Shuno,
Little ball of perv,
Happy Shuno,
Sleepy Shuno,
Sex sex sex

I had to,and I regret nothing XD
Oh mai~♥
Do my eyes decieve me? Is that Ruth and Michael in the second picture!? Oooooh myyy gooood!
Awww Eric and Cora look so cute! >w<
Wish this comic continued but all stories have to end somewhere ;u;
Oh god
That's like me when it comes to my best friend's ass,and before anyone says anything you can't blame me her ass is like the very firm yet squishy ass! B3
Holy shit an update on my 16th birthday! BEST.BIRTHDAY.EVA!!!!
@Megumi_Yaoi holy shit dude,your icon is perfect in every way XD
How cute he thinks he's topping >:3
Is Shuno watching WipeOut? If he is then I love you cause that's my fav show! >8D
Help:Shit Lost
"Hurry up...I wanna go home...and bang my boyfriend..." Best.Fucking.Line.Ever!
Next time I wanna go home I'mma say that.
P.S. I always lose my shit with this comic keep up the badass job! >;3
lol i love precher you need ta do more pic with them!!!^W^
what program do you use to make this comic???