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Meh. I like Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing and all sorts of that stuff. I'll usually read your comic if it's funny and if it's got video games or Pokemon. I probably won't make any comics, just read them. Um.... That's all you need to know.

P.S. If you add something to your favourites, it just means you like it. Not that you'll get regular updates of when it gets a new post.
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The fawnciest of the ALL! (Yes the 'w' was on purpose)
I can't wait till the Final Battle! ^^
Even water is happy! :D
This is the 50th issue. So I should be happy. Then you said 'So long', should I be sad?

(If there's some kind of joke, I don't see it.)
Here's my comic, as I promised. I think the art has improved a little bit.

I tried to improve on some things. I used per-made bubbles so they don't look like my old bubbles. I did not use Comic San MS.
My town needs a happiness meteor.
Poor Octavian.
Is that a Phantom?
No wonder 'Main Character' doesn't get lonely. he always has his Wii, PS2, and DS to yell at.
I love that cake's face in panel 3! I'm going to use that from now on. oUo
Oh my god... THE CLOSET.
Awww! She's so short. :3
I like how it's mysterious and humorous.
Youu should know Tails' Adventure is a joke to Smack Jeeves now.


Still sounds like a horrible game.
I wish I could get someone absolutley furious by saying 'Oh no you di'int!'
...Then he yells 'ANSWER MEEE!' as if someone's actually GOING to answer him. Who?

These comics make me want to go read better ones.
You never put emoticons in the text during a COMIC.

(Unless it's a comic with a character that has a mask or something so you can't see it's face.)
Really? It looks like the spray paint tool. :p

Not the point. The point is, it is not physically possible, to make dirt out of metal. It's just not.

That mean that the author of that comic can break the rules of physics! :O /sarcasm sarcasm SARCASM