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September 1st, 2012
ASKdjaskd asd sops I love his expression in the first panel hahaah <333
you use screen tones so well ; 7;
lkajfjaoak sensei sensei sensei q A q
oh gosh ;____; <3333333
whoaa his aunt is so pretty q v q <333
that second to last panel with their hands hnghh
alksdjflf aaa himimi you say these are roughs but they're still so clean and lovely * v *
weodfjmafoif q A q himiiii <333 I really love how you can incorporate so many panels into one page, let have it not seem clustered and have it flow nicely ;_____; if you sold mangas I owuld totally buy them no matter what * v * <33333
asljdasd Ichi as a kid befor ehe dyed his hair ; A ;; and Makoto and Satoshi look so adorable <333
I love this flashback into Ichi's past-- it's got this bittersweet element about it//
probably I've said this before but the way you draw kids is absolutely lovely-- is this the acquired talent of a long time shota-con 8D???-//slapped
LJSDOIFjaldfj ; A ; alskdjalskjd ad0j2dj023jd I feel so- jittery- like-- feels everywhere I can't even contain them <333 It feels like everything's going to be okay from now on ssjdkj so happy for them so so so happy for them ugnghh- CAN I HUG THEM HIMI I REALLY REALLY WANT TO HUG THEM ;_____;
I- oh my god sobbing- he finally found out ;____; skjffjaskdf I just want them to have a happy ending together so so so badly ugh-//goes cry in a corner
and all the things Ichi have been saying in the past few pages conveyed so much heavy emotion-- your use of words was fantastic ; vv ;
I- don't care that Michan has a girlfriend-- Tsukasa and him are just- just meant to be ;____; oh my god--
all these feels everywhere <333333 and the panelling and art is as lovely as ever waaaaa
asdflksajfj I just wanted to say how much I absolutely love love LOVE this comic and how every single update makes my day-//lazycry
June 20th, 2012
y-you have no idea how much I crave your updates-- they always manage to bring a huge smile to my face ; v ;//
@Nerds from Bath, Uk: Ahaha thanks xD-
I'm... not really sure what it is
it's supposed to be some sort of monster?
yeah, some creature- surrounded by the Chinese character for death.
this pretttyyy much sums up everything
but hey, it's an angsty vent comic
from an angsty derp teenager
what do you expect |D;;;.
I don't quite like this one...
it's too clustered-
and it didn't come out like I originally intended for it to
maybe next time.
excessive noise makes my head hurt
it really really annoys me
feel free to talk to me hahaa u-u;;
hope you'll enjoy this... thing chokes//
alkdJALSDj Tsukasa ; A ; Poor baby-- I-it's too bad he's in love with Ichi- I hope he finds his own happiness too ;____;.
@Faithless.Child: LHAHAHA IT'LL BE A MIRACLE IF I EVER POST A PAGE-//SLPAPED-- But than you so mych Choco omg what are all tohse typos ; A ; <333.
Hello ` 7`-
Hahahah idk.
Compression makes it look like shit LMFAO.
Sorry about the sketchiness and the anatomy errors--
ASdlaksjldk too cute, dying DYING-//weep
I love how it's going so far-
Every single updat emakes me really happy ; A ;.
ALSJDLAKSJDA oh gods he's so adorable ; A;)))) <33333.