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Very cute style I like it so far!
Awesome comic : D
Usually I'm not much for furries, but yours have a tasteful design<3
Awwww he nosebleeds green : )
Space Jerk
Such a cute design-the alien boy's : )
I love their bright uniforms as well!
LOL aww I love kenny expression like 'wat?'
Lol M is to cute!
I know how he feels ALL THE TIME!!
He Just wants to get perved on!
This is beautiful so far I really love you style and the merman dudes are are gorgeous lol:P
Lol Im like Rasputin I'd join them just to get out of skool:P
aww his eyes are adorable when they're all stoner liek:)
Aww rasputin is like a greedy chipmunk>XD
Abdul's just buttering Rasputin up for whats to cum ... kukuku:D
aww so cute:)
Seth is adorable!
Aw so cute <3 it!
aww so cute >XD
Epic Win!
OMG! I love this so much!
Your artwork is So SO amazing<3