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Yes I like Yaoi!!!!

NOTE TO SELF. It is illegal to stab people for being stupid...unfortunately.


I have at least 2 opinions about everything. My mind is always racing a million different directions. I love 2 read. Dont ask me what I want because chances are I'm clueless. I'm easily confused distracted. I love 2 write except for the fact I cant get anything organized.

I'm not religious but mainly because of the fact that I have no idea what I believe.

I have respect for so many things. I hate 2 hurt people's feelings. I dont like 2 fight but I will hit a bitch.

Forgive me if I fuck you over. I get bored easily. I'm sarcastic. I love photography. I hate when people claim 2 be real when theyre not.

I love having a reason 2 smile. I have alot of fake smiles but thats mainly 2 just keep the peace. I hate when people ask me whats wrong. If I want you 2 know whats wrong with me I shall let you know.

I try 2 find the positive side of everything but the negative always races 2 my mind first. I state the obvious constantly. Im easily annoyed. I'm not afraid 2 tell ya like it is.
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Fast Update....
*whispers/I like that*

MOAR!!!!! *evil laugh* XD
tehehehe~ I likes this comic!
Where is Sergio?
Shiny page!

@Crucio: I agree, I don't like it! lol

@Vivi: I don't want my dreams to be crushed either! Sergio is cutter.
hehe it! I faved.
Oh god, I love cowboys!I am from TX. :) What would Ed do if he saw him like that? XD

I like your comic! Nice style!

Ed and Liam are cute!
OH GODZ! This comic is so fucking funny! I love it!
Is it just me or is Simon and Sergio just to freakin cute together!

Psh Simon give her the doll. XD
I am loving your comic!