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I love to draw, sadly I get in troble when I draw at school but too bad I guess, its how i roll. I skateboard too, and im happy to say im a furry. I try to get people into likeing them, but as they say haters gotta hate right... (they also say if your pissed off, its better than being pissed on :P, but dont worry 'bout that). Anyway, I draw my own comic BUT I dont have my own camera or scanner, so it doesnt work out to good so if anyone see's my comic dont exspect it to be updated on a normal bacis. But since i draw so much i already have 28 frames (I drew like 25 in one night). Also, im a computer geek but not in a bad way, i also love xbox 360, Halo, CoD, JC's Avatar. I have more then one site, and instead of adding it to the site by code, I'll put it on the site by type. Thats about it, and FURRY PRIDE!
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I agree with the Prussia (Whats that? Russia with a P..) person it was actully ok, but hapend quick, haha my comic has guys in it so hopefully it doesnt turn out much like that...
I dont think there is a next one, its 2011... Very very good comic, 2nd best iv read in like 300. (Jaynaylor fisrt sorry)