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... *insert joke here*..... *punch line*... *walks away*....
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what an adorable little stomp, Jason is like a kitten~ <3
and yay explanation! I always love them ^^ Lets sit down and get comfortable while waiting for it,
It looks really good, but wont it take far more time tho? your pages are fairly detailed after all
"what the hell do you think you're doing!?"
"What does it look like? Protecting my future boyfriend!"
Tell me it's okay for me to ship them,,,,,
Quinton is so cute! they all are! How are they bad guys again?? To dang adorable! >///<
it's always hard when you put them randomly out of context cause it sounds silly sometimes ,,, but welcome back ^^ missed this comics ^^
it's cute as heck so please do! <3
I kinda knew it will be joke, but I still fell for it XDDDD
that sound is like music to my ears~
Happy New year, will wait to see what is actually happening here ^^
aww, get better soon! and merry Christmas!
(lol yea, and ppl won't be scared of bandits, nope. Why would they? right? XDD)
November 29th, 2013
It's sad but I suppose if you feel that you need to do it then go for it ^^
your backgrounds never suck! they are so detailed and good! Jeez~ I wish I could make backgrounds like that !
Yuri, Yaoi, Hetero whatever love it all!
April 29th, 2013
heko!Ren! So cute!!! <3
If it's about RPG leave it too Demi! She knows it all!
April 25th, 2013
Demi knows EVERYTHING about games... Duh~!
To water hydrants.... Why would... Just... Why? O_O
February 12th, 2013
Yay~!!! I can't wait for that!
More Emotion backstories please!
February 6th, 2013
God how I wish I could just eat Hades! He looks so yummy~! <3
January 14th, 2013
Yea let's do it Kami!!!! Let's just kill them all like there is nothing better to do !!! XD