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oh I see it now too
lol wow guys, I honestly forgot this even existed for a while
August 18th, 2011
Because of a lack of sprites and extras we are now seeking cameos for Bestest!

What we need to continue our pineapple quest:

-Bandits/Villainous characters

Humans or animals in Sonic style, preferably.

Send cameos to me via PM or just comment here whatever works for you <3
TCF did. I'll update next.
RG what are you doing get on MSN ;_;
Not incredible considering the wait, but I've been busy.
School ends this friday for me, but I can't guarantee that means I'll update this soon. Maybe though. Maybe.
Soon enough probably. I'm nearing finals, so high school is busy. I'm sure it's busy ending for the others too. So soon.
Yes, I'll make a page tonight or tomorrow. I was waiting for Leo to do whatever he's doing, but the show must go on...
This page is

That's the back of the paper
We are all terrible paper.
Grave can read.
Tron is Leo's partner, even after his erasure. What a bro.
Extended April Fool's day
I'd say that the majority of the players actually survived that

But damn was that one sexy explosion.