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More: I am shy and I overthink evetything.
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I feel the answer is "because he's my son". I hope I'm wrong >.<
Experimented with the hair some.
@Guest: That's all anyone ever needs XD
I've been busy with graduation so today has two updates :D
So mean (∊ī¸ĩ∊)
Love love this comic!! The way you draw abs is just 😍😍😍
Aww yeah (for the two pages). Excited to see how this story progresses :D
Oops. Sorry, I uploaded the wrong comic ^^;
Revisiting this page, wtf was I doing with my screentones
Sorry for the delay. The good news is: I have finished my research poster for my internship. O.o
@Calz like no other:

Thank you. I'm glad you like it ^_^
I forgot to add a page yesterday, so I uploaded two pages.
PSA: I will be updating the story every day until chapter 2 (So 10+ pages).
screen tones :D
happy birthday :D
sorry for the long hiatus. With work and school things have been kind of hectic. BUT!!! i am back ;D and i will try to update more now that marching band is over.

Please comment!!
July 21st, 2012
yay!! u updated on my birthday :D lol welcome back!!!!!
dude, first: dont dis on others comics unless you can bring something good to the art community. Second: this art makes my eyes hurt, srsly! wat program are you using, paint for MS? psh loser. try a real program like adobe or gimp. then maybe you can get real sats instead of having to write on others comics. but lets face it: that would be to man for you wouldnt it? basiclly im say improve your art a little (or in your case, alot) before talking your shit. Ah and also stop acting like your a badass mofo who likes to piss people off for no reason. Thats just lame and SCREAMS- i live with my mom because im a loser.... thats all i have to say :)
aww the fishy is crying T^T
Sketchy Page is SKETCHY
okay First off; sorry for not uploading in like six (?) months OTL. Ive been busy plus i lost my insperation for a little while. I have my art teacher to thank for getting me motivated to draw this again :). lol.

Buuuut anyways- NEW PAGE :D Prolong only has one more page before the story REALLY begins. If you can't tell, (i think) my stlye has improved ALOT!! I bought special markers just for manga-comics so im happy!

Funny thing, this story is a practice story to improve my drawing so i can start on my pro comic (which i dont have a name for -_-"). But i have alot of stories i want to finish before i publish the real one (over 27). ^_^ haha...

BUT.... Leave a comment? and rate? plz :3
so im still playing with screentones (i still suck at them -_-") this page has been done for a while but im just now getting around to cleaning it :S

im so stressing!! tomarrow is the ACT writting assment for my school and ive been sick with i dont even know what!! and i missed practice so no doubt my instructor is super pissed at me (considering we have a competition next weekend |: ) so i dont know when my next update will be (if anyone really cares haha...)