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LIKES: drawing, reading, drawing, watching tv, drawing, eating, drawing, sleeping, drawing, color guard and band. did i say drawing?
HOBBIES: color guard, clarinet, drawing, being lazy
FAV POEM: fire and ice- Robert Frost
FAV BAND: Breaking Benjamin; Likin Park; Tino Coury; Bruno Mars; My Chemical Romance; Vocaloid; Black Veil Brides; Blood on the Dance Floor;

More about me: I love color guard/winter guard (those flags and weapons on the football feild during half time). Uh i can be shy sometimes but im friendly and easy to get along with. Im also weird and clumsy :/
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screen tones :D
happy birthday :D
sorry for the long hiatus. With work and school things have been kind of hectic. BUT!!! i am back ;D and i will try to update more now that marching band is over.

Please comment!!
July 21st, 2012
yay!! u updated on my birthday :D lol welcome back!!!!!
dude, first: dont dis on others comics unless you can bring something good to the art community. Second: this art makes my eyes hurt, srsly! wat program are you using, paint for MS? psh loser. try a real program like adobe or gimp. then maybe you can get real sats instead of having to write on others comics. but lets face it: that would be to man for you wouldnt it? basiclly im say improve your art a little (or in your case, alot) before talking your shit. Ah and also stop acting like your a badass mofo who likes to piss people off for no reason. Thats just lame and SCREAMS- i live with my mom because im a loser.... thats all i have to say :)
aww the fishy is crying T^T
Sketchy Page is SKETCHY
okay First off; sorry for not uploading in like six (?) months OTL. Ive been busy plus i lost my insperation for a little while. I have my art teacher to thank for getting me motivated to draw this again :). lol.

Buuuut anyways- NEW PAGE :D Prolong only has one more page before the story REALLY begins. If you can't tell, (i think) my stlye has improved ALOT!! I bought special markers just for manga-comics so im happy!

Funny thing, this story is a practice story to improve my drawing so i can start on my pro comic (which i dont have a name for -_-"). But i have alot of stories i want to finish before i publish the real one (over 27). ^_^ haha...

BUT.... Leave a comment? and rate? plz :3
so im still playing with screentones (i still suck at them -_-") this page has been done for a while but im just now getting around to cleaning it :S

im so stressing!! tomarrow is the ACT writting assment for my school and ive been sick with i dont even know what!! and i missed practice so no doubt my instructor is super pissed at me (considering we have a competition next weekend |: ) so i dont know when my next update will be (if anyone really cares haha...)
so this page was a huge hassel to finish. I technically I finished it at about eight-o-clock but my computer pulled a brain-fart and deleted the page OTL so at this point i just wanted to finish it... also this is my first time using screentones so i know its not perfect (just experimenting) -_-" haha...

PS!! Thx to all who have faved my comic!! XD it makes me happy to know there are some ppl who acctually want to read my comic CX!!!
Hello!! This is my first attempt at creating and uploading a comic on the internet. Here is the first cover page of the whole story!! Hope ya like it :D
this reminds me ALOT of this bonus chapter in Bukiyou na Silent (akward silence) which i think they made into a manga later... could that be the manga ur tlking about? luv it btw :)
yay! update!! luv its!!!
cool i like this page MORE PLZ :D
omg I LOVE ur artwork at first i thought this was like pics from the actual series!! thats how awsome u are please tell me ull update soon <)
:D this comic is so my fav. uh how do make the uncolored pages look like they are colored but its faded? (did that make since)luv the comic :)