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I smoke my own brain.
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@ Crys

I think the guy in the last panel is just shocked about just reading the news, and we see that even Duck is sad.

R.I.P., Steve.
September 10th, 2011
I have no idea if Antipholus and Dromio are actual characters from a Shakespeare play.

Damn I need to get educated.
September 7th, 2011
Talk about thinking out of the box.
August 26th, 2011
Birds tweeting has always been the sign to me that OH SHIT I'VE BEEN UP FOR TOO LONG. *jumps into bed*
An answer to this can be described here:
Solution? Stay under water! You will also find out how long you can hold your breath!
Really, Gary. Don't you see an attractive intelligent girl who obviously has a thing for you?! Damn, that kid's stubborn.
I remember that video! Pretty sweet! Correction: the Far East is living in the future.
Well of course it's for art reference!
As a girl, I don't find Andy's dick repulsive at all. I think it's hilarious!
Say, wouldn't people notice Pip standing outside? Or is only Ada able to see him?
XD Wow. He really is that clueless.
Well, the tattoo's not THAT bad... I thought it would be more embarrassing.

And yeah, the shower. The only place in the whole house where you're actually offered privacy. Sometimes. I wish my room was soundproof.
D'aw, this happens to me and my mom on a regular basis! So annoying!


But my eternal love for shoes will stay with me forever. You should have seen the pink high-heeled shoes I wore for grad night! I don't care that I had a horrible tear-inducing spasm that evening!
Weird, I've always managed to unhook a bra easily. Though mine has only two rows of hooks, I imagine Michelle having four or six, which probably is kind of hard to do sexily.

And yeah, Wiley, JOIN IN! Not because it'll look sexy, it'll be HILARIOUS.
Aaawww, congrats again, man!

And Ada's a Scorpio? Fits her really well. Also, I want these panties, just because it would be really sweet for a future boyfriend once I actually get laid (not soon).
I've always felt like the shape of the flower reflects Ada's emotional state. Why would you be drawing it differently in each panel after all?

Example in this page:
PANEL 1: petals round (which I believe symbolizes a passive or meek state), center is shrunk, as if trying to retract itself - embarrassment.
PANEL 2: leaf-shaped, "edgy" petals, a large center, as if it's trying to make itself bigger and more menacing - anger.
PANEL 3: petals roundening up - Ada is calming down.
PANELS 4 & 5: square petals - my guess is annoyance. Probably.

OH and congrats on the 200 fans! </slowpoke>
Pffff. Japanese porn? Everyone knows that the truly weird porn is the German porn!
Just realized the flower is becoming wetter as the masturbates.

Love it, man.
@inunutfan (Guest)

I think 'casual' Pokemon owners have a different license, which allows them to own Pokemon, but not to battle with them.