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RAWR I nom nom you!
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Even rushed it's well done. Don't worry about it, it's super important to take care of life.
"out here" They are already in the forest, so thats a good start lol
Will you make a post of the new link once you have the site all worked out?
The believers are strong
I still count you as a planet, Pluto
the colours :D
great job! Those eyes ;;
Hey Chocari, I just want to say, even though not many people comment on the comic, it is enjoyed. I love reading it when it updates. The colouring you do on it is great, and even more so are the faces you make! Its great.keep it up ^_^
I finally was able to read the comic last night, and I love it! On top of an interesting story line, the art flows really well with everything :D I can't wait for more (I'm greedy like that)
February 19th, 2016
Thank goodness
I really didn't know what I was going to do when you finished. I only read a few comics on here anymore and they only do one or two a week. I can't wait to stare at your pretty work some more
Mikhail, I think Im the first to comment that got him xD FRIENDS :3
I still kinda miss male Assistant
My hair has just blue. I dye it a lot xD
those wings!

they are so well done, they flow and look so soft. those wings!
Hobo Candy Magician <3
I think I love harold even more in your remake :D
holy~ :)
very nice Mr. Twist, so made my day xD

Im sure everyone is just in to much aw over the ps12
the gut alex use to go out with :O
December 10th, 2010
I really liked a book called "rocks in my socks" when i was young.
lol nice, but after i read the 2nd page I was sad because i now relize I have to wait even longer for the next-next page xD

But as always, well done Mr. Gibson :D
December 3rd, 2010