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I'm Liz, I'm 19 and I'm currently studying illustration. I like Zelda, narwhals, strawberries, and cats.
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    Elizabeth Stilley
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So, the introduction is changing a little bit!

I put the full details of what that means on our Tumblr!
I am sad that it's ending too, but I'm excited to know the answers to all the things! Especially about Jonathan's hair, I've been wondering that since the beginning >.>
@culprit: Oops, that would be a typo.

And no, Harrison just assumes Declan is gay because he's so terrible with girls. And he's also making assumptions based on Kenneth's wardrobe. Harrison just thinks Declan finally came out of the closet and is dating Kenneth... but Declan is actually that bad with ladies.
It's been forever since I read this comic, and I just recently came back, and everything that's been happening is amazing! I've fallen in love with it all over again, and I can't wait to see what happens next!
Hello, everyone! I just wanted to point your attention to our Tumblr! If you want to be notified when Tree Trimming updates or see fanart or just read my goofy ramblings about the characters, please follow us!

...also, we are nearing 25 fans (which is fantastic! Aaaah!), so if anyone has any suggestions for what you'd like to see for my 25 fans thankyou picture, tell me~
I'm sure this will be said a million times, but their hair is ADORABLE.
Dubhghall normally goes by Harrison, his middle name. He is currently 17.
I'm trying out a new paneling style, guys.

...actually, I just got really bored at work and so I drew a comic on post-it notes.
I am with you, man, studio classes are way harder than most people think.

Also, I love all of them!
Kenneth isn't actually that bad at art.

Declan, on the other hand... I don't even know what he's planning to draw next time I'm busy.
Time to cross "Kenneth crossdressing" off the list of things no one needed to see that was seen anyways.

Happy April Fool's?
Declan comes home to weird things most days.
Welcome to Tree Trimming! Hope you like it!
I read this right before I went to do my makeup to go to a concert.

Needless to say, I looked Pifolicious all night.
Working on my flashback skills. Unfortunately, this is the only flashback in the comic.

Also, you all get to see my very odd handwriting on this page.
@davemation: Oh wow, I'm surprised at how close you got! I did the second one last May too though ;)
We finally meet Desya and Flann!

Can anyone tell which of these panels I drew last May and which ones I drew this week? Lol.
@Deonis: Trouble is their middle name.

Actually, neither of them have one.
"That's my secret, Cap. I'm always freaking out."

Ekun should totes be an Avenger.

...actually no he shouldn't, his current line of work is okay.
Hooray, finally an actual page!

With a super-cute Ekun on it, so hopefully this satisfies, haha.