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oh boy i have a lot of gijinkas to update now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

check out the answers from the latest round of asks!
wanna see how this update ends? check out the storyboard!
lance: [casually tells the discovery of the century]
Hey guys, i'm still alive and working on the next update :3c, meanwhile i just want to leave this here since i forgot to last time

The second AU Fanfic Contest is officially up! Here’s the rules:

-No nsfw allowed
-Any story genre is allowed
-You can focus on any character from the series (even who already died)
-Word count between 1k to 3k
-If you don’t have a tumblr account please send in your fic the link of any of your other social media account (twitter, DA, etc) so i can credit you

Submit you fic to until August 19!
(The pic is from last year’s winner C:)
Aaaaaaand done with this update and the saga as well :'D [hallejujah playing in the bg], so the askblog round is open!

Don't forget to check out the colored version!
Check out the answers from this round of asks!

Well, as you guys know, i've been posting comics non-stop for 3 years, and now that i finally finished this fucking saga i'd like to take a couple weeks off to breath and organize some stuff irl. Don't worry, i still have enough content for another year so this is why i thought i should rest a bit for now.

I'm still gonna be a bit active on patreon if you're interested in some extra content of the series :)
Do you wanna see where this flashback is going? Check out this update's storyboard!
Aaand done with another update! Don't forget to check out the colored version!

Also, don't worry if you're missing the askblog, it'll come back in the next update :3c