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@Guest: I usually open the askbox when i finish a major update. Unfortunately i didn't have time to do it lately ^^', but i always leave a warning when i open the asks!
@Pichu 250 and @Mini: Thank you! <33
ALSO while you wait, take this b-day cover >:3c
Aaaand done with another update :D. Don't forget to check out the colored version!

No askblog again this time AND unfortunately i'll need to make a (hopefully) small hiatus due to medical reasons :C. You can read the details here

I'll probably gonna keep updating my irl stuff on my personal tumblr (i'm not very active there since the site is basically imploding itself lately, but it's still the easiest way to contact me through asks)

Aaand i guess that's all, wish me luck C:
Wanna see how this update's gonna end? Check out the storyboard!
Aaaand done with another update! Unfortunately, i won't be able to do an askblog round this time since i'll be traveling this week :C

Anyway, don't forget to check out the colored update!
Aaaaand done. Are ya ready to read E4 comics for the rest of the year C:<? Anyway, the askblog is open!

Don't forget to check out the colored update!
the battle nobody asked for but i'm super excited to draw anyway lmao

The askblog round is up!
Don't forget to check out the colored version!
oh boy i have a lot of gijinkas to update now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

check out the answers from the latest round of asks!
wanna see how this update ends? check out the storyboard!