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@FlameGerbil: thank you for warning, it's fixed now!

i still made some updates on my patreon lately (all free posts), and you just happened to comment in the day i've posted a video i made with lads recently :'D

i'll leave the link in my author comment for anyone interested to see some post comic commentary
@Chimerat: you mean the link to the very optional patreon extra bit that i always posted in the end of my updates for 3 years now?

i'm sorry if you missed the time when i launched the thing explaining how it'd work, but it's nothing new by now and doesn't affect the regular reading experience at all so i don't see what's your point

and i'm not saying this as an angry response or anything, i actually want feedback to improve my patreon planning as well in future projects
@HonorBoundFate: yeah, a last little manga reference i decided to put for fun C:
@lcy: it was "make" but i'll change to "have" just in case
Welp, this is it fellas. Even if the platinum series happens someday, we're pretty much done with Gold and Crys' journey, so i tried to do something especial for this occasion ;w;

I've learnt a lot in these 8 years of nuzlocking, so this project will always have a place in my heart no matter what bs i come up with in the future. A lot changed in my life (and in Lads' too tbh), but y'know what? We've first met in high school 13 years ago planning to do a comic together, and now we can spend the rest of our lives saying that somehow we did it. Twice. Unbelievable aksjdhakjdhakjdhkasdhkd

As for now, i'm releasing all the fics from the contest in the nuzlocke's blog, and then start announcing the winners next week.

I highly recommend you guys to check it out because i decided to experiment a bit more with these prizes and if everyone enjoys, it's something i'd like to bring to the platinum series if possible. They'll be posted on the blog and on my patreon as well! (I'll edit this post later to include the links to all the prizes just in case)

EDIT (09/10): 2nd AU Fanfic Contest
3rd Place
2nd Place
1st Place

Also, FYI, that blog will be running normally as long as tumblr is still alive, so it's going to be the easiest way to check if i'm continuing any nuzlocke related stuff. For any comic projects in general, probably checking my patreon once in a while would be better.

And now this smackjeeves is oficially set as 'completed'. So yeah, see ya around!

EDIT (11/11): HELLO THERE! If you made it this far through my series, you can watch this little video i've made with Lads where we made some general comments about the whole Double Nuzlocke Series. I hope you guys enjoy and have some fun! :D
I can't believe i actually did it asdkasdhaskjdhakjhdakjaksdh

Like last time, i'd highly appreciate the feedback of what you guys liked (and disliked) about this comic. I tried to improve a lot of stuff compared to the crystal series, but i'm aware there's still A LOT to work on if i try new projects in the future. This is kinda part of the fun tbh, knowing that you can always do better next time.
Oh, there's still one last update thursday before i change the status on smackjeeves to 'completed', so stay around, alright? C:

Don't forget to check out the (fully) colored version!
Check out the answers from the last round of asks! I tried to answer everything since idk when i'm going to open it again :'D

Wanna see the storyboard for the epilogue and cry a few weeks earlier? Check out my last storyboard for this series ;w;
Aaaand done with the update! And pretty much the main series as well tbh askdhaskdhakjdh
So, one last time, the askbox is open to leave a question for the dorks!

And don't forget to check out the colored update as well!

For real tho, there's only the epilogue pages left, and i just want to thank everyone who stick around for these 4 years of emerald (and 8 years of double nuzlocke if you're a veteran lmao). I'd never, ever, get this far without your support, and i'll always be grateful for helping develop and giving confidence in my skills (art, writing, and honestly even english asdkajsdhkajhdakjd)

So yeah, thank you and have fun!
Oh, right, and our discord server is still going strong too!
@IconicAnemone: actually it stated that Ruby never mega evolved again after his battle against kyogre
Aaand done with another update! Unfortunately no askblog round this time, but ay the discord server is slowly growing so if you haven't yet, check it out :3c

Don't forget to check out the colored version!
despite getting a royal beatdown, i still like to imagine this is how gaga's hyper voice sounds like

btw, ppl asked me about a discord server, so here it is if anyone is interested!
Check out the answers from this round of asks

Also we started a betting pool just for fun! Who do you think is going to win this time?? :P

Would you rather already see what's going to happen instead? Check out this update's storyboard!
@IconicAnemone: if i don't make a platinum comic, at the very least i want to release all the concepts i made for it so far (and maybe gameplay results but to be honest we didn't even start playing yet)
Hey i know y'all probably tense as fuck with the current comic events lmao, but please take some time to read these news about the series, just want to leave everything clear about this mess called my life :'3