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@IconicAnemone: actually it stated that Ruby never mega evolved again after his battle against kyogre
Aaand done with another update! Unfortunately no askblog round this time, but ay the discord server is slowly growing so if you haven't yet, check it out :3c

Don't forget to check out the colored version!
despite getting a royal beatdown, i still like to imagine this is how gaga's hyper voice sounds like

btw, ppl asked me about a discord server, so here it is if anyone is interested!
Check out the answers from this round of asks

Also we started a betting pool just for fun! Who do you think is going to win this time?? :P

Would you rather already see what's going to happen instead? Check out this update's storyboard!
@IconicAnemone: if i don't make a platinum comic, at the very least i want to release all the concepts i made for it so far (and maybe gameplay results but to be honest we didn't even start playing yet)
Hey i know y'all probably tense as fuck with the current comic events lmao, but please take some time to read these news about the series, just want to leave everything clear about this mess called my life :'3
Thk goodness everything went well with my surgery so it didn't take me too long to recover \o/ (i mean i've at least recovered enough to go back to my regular routine, i guess i'll be 100% in a few more weeks according to my doctor), thanks everyone for the good wishes C:
@Guest: I usually open the askbox when i finish a major update. Unfortunately i didn't have time to do it lately ^^', but i always leave a warning when i open the asks!
@Pichu 250 and @Mini: Thank you! <33
ALSO while you wait, take this b-day cover >:3c
Aaaand done with another update :D. Don't forget to check out the colored version!

No askblog again this time AND unfortunately i'll need to make a (hopefully) small hiatus due to medical reasons :C. You can read the details here

I'll probably gonna keep updating my irl stuff on my personal tumblr (i'm not very active there since the site is basically imploding itself lately, but it's still the easiest way to contact me through asks)

Aaand i guess that's all, wish me luck C:
Wanna see how this update's gonna end? Check out the storyboard!
Aaaand done with another update! Unfortunately, i won't be able to do an askblog round this time since i'll be traveling this week :C

Anyway, don't forget to check out the colored update!