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Crazy Koopa
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Wasn't Dr. Wily's bird named Reggae though already? ...But then again, he's pretty unknown to many people.
Actually, I obtained them when I downloaded a game called Rockman 7 FC, a game where they downgraded Megaman 7 into 8-Bits.
No, there never was a set ending to this episode.
Originally I wanted this episode to be a GIF animation where Shade Man does his trademark intro, but I couldn't find a decent GIF Animator.
If anyone understands why neither of them wanted the first move, then you get a cookie.
Hornets are close enough to bees anyways.
Yes, every character in this comic will be edited and recolored 8-Bit sprites.

Oh, and yes. There is a 10th game coming:
...Seriously, he looks more like a cloud than Cloud Man.
I'm almost done with finishing the special costume sprites so I'll be able to send you the sprites soon.
I think your sprite storage here would be a good place to look.
Blue's delusional. They couldn't have come across that place already since the other panel didn't have Weegee.
Well they're fools, so they'll obviusly get fool's gold- *shot*
I'm pretty sure that was precisely the point that named him that way, but I still don't like it.
Lucky. Oh well, my parents owe me due to an incident anyways / I got A's / birthday. (Meaning three games! WOO!)

Speaking of, I have to edit the episodes so they say Midbus now. (God awful name in my opinion, seriously.)
Originally the mushrooms are supposed to do stuff involving bad memories, but since they're stupid, it's absolutely chaotic.

Because of the chaotic nature, the characters, including main, can randomly change sprites too. That, and because I was bored.
I have one more planned first.
Actually that was my excuse (which didn't really matter). Your excuse was gas prices went up.
Good news everyone, M&L3 has been revealed.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Released: Fall 2009

In other news:
New Super Mario Bros. Wii is coming.
Q2 2009 OR ...December 2009.
Oh, and Metaboss was only meant for this battle, meaning he's not going to be a partner.
Made a new Spoiler thing.

Now THIS, this is a spoiler. Major.
Though to tell you about the episode, this is the end of the Pork Trooper fight.