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Daughter of Leo
Eh not much important to say. I will tell people that my icon is not mine. Unfortunately I do not know who the creator is, but I credit them with its creation.
Can I be surprised that my suspicions confirmed?
What the shit. I love this story and I don't even know anymore. Sid ASKED to be executed? For failing Raz? And they were friends? I'm definitely going to have to go over some parts too. If, as Cala says, Sid is responsible for that... Just what the frick happened?!
Haha, following on Tumblr is surprisingly convenient. I don't have to keep checking smackjeeves to see if I've missed an update.

And don't feel bad Sid, you were doomed to fail. You had absolutely no idea what you where getting into and some how, it's still totally your fault. Now be a big boy and go figure out how to fix this mess you've gotten yourself into. Raz will go do more important things. And by that, he apparently means check on Mags. It's interesting where his priorities are right now. Also, I hope Mags wakes up, I would love to see some Raz/Mags interaction. It feels like it's been foreverrr.

You know, your webcomic is the kind I could see people writing all kinds of fanfiction about. Just the depth of the characters and the amount of detail that goes into the world, it gives you a lot to go off of. I would write some myself, if I wasn't such a lazy procrastinator.

Also, the incentive is ridiculously cute. I love it.
Sid you're going to fail so hard Kresin will feel it. Do you really think Raz will just ask you some easy questions and then you get to just save all the poor tortured souls? Jeez, I almost feel bad.

And Raz are you actually going easy on him? You're starting to look like one of those teachers that makes you learn from your own screw ups. You know, instead of the sadistic asshole we all know and love. You even stole fish for Mags. Wassup with that bro?

Also, I'm so happy to be able to read this again (and if you don't remember me that fine, it's been a while)! I was without internet for weeks after I moved to my new place so I'm now sneaking on at work. I can't wait to find out what these questions are, mostly because I'm hoping they'll fill in some more peices in this story.

P.S. Chere's outfit looks good, thumbs up over here.
Now we know that Raz wants Sid to try to help this woman, in fact he's pretty much preying on it. Pretty sure Raz wants him to fail too, not positive but it sounds right. Now if Raz wants Scar Woman to turn into a Nihifaer, that probably wouldn't gain him any favors with Sid. And it not likely simply because, as said before, it takes forever, and Sid can't possibly fail that hard for that long, can he?(Okay...dumb question he totally could) So that leaves failure to defend her in court again, which could mean anything. Would she go back to Cheres? Would she, I dunno, go to canon hell (if there is one, I know there was mention of a Paradise) Would Raz keep her? And what would Raz even do to her, besides put her to work? He's already slept with her, and doesn't seem to interested in doing it again.

And then there's the fact that Raz specifically said that SHE needed to get her coat/robe/thing, not Sid. So there's bound to be some kind of Raz-planned chaos once Sid gets his lazy, bleeding, and unconscious ass up and goes to find him, as we all (Raz included) know he will.

And Sid, you can't just take all of Raz's Half-Damneds and send them away just cause you don't like Raz as a person. Mionfaer (probably) doesn't work like that, idiot.

Also, I enjoy the conversations too, so much that it bums me out when I miss an update. And yes, slept for pretty much an entire day, and I am all caught up. Woot!

PS: Raz looks totally badass standing there. I just imagine him diving down and just wrecking havoc on it would irritate the hell out of Kresin.

PPS: I felt like this comment was full of Sid hate. I don't hate Sid, really. Just mildly annoyed with him in all the good ways.
I love the banner at the top but the bright white is going to get some getting used to. Overall though, I like it, very different.

But we've been hearing forever how the Bezzalfrayl and Chiranoble can't interact with the other's marked souls so I'm happy to actually see what happens when they try. Now did that actually hurt Scar Woman or was she just freaked out by that?

And now I think I'm starting to get a little bit why Sid shouldn't be so kind to the Half-Damned. I know the Scar Woman is scared out of her head, and that excuses her demanding attitude a little, but the way Sid is totally subservient to her doesn't seem right from what I've seen of the other Bezzafrayl and Chiranobles. And Raz is obviously trying to toughen him up, but I'm wondering if there's more to it than just getting Sid growing a backbone. I would like to see Sid around a more demanding Half-Demand and see if he still caves into them.

And Raz is still hanging around? Surely he isn't intending to let Scar Woman to turn into a Nihilfaer, right? Not just to teach Sid a lesson. Aw, who am I kidding? He totally would let that happen (unless there's more to Nihilfaers than has already been revealed). But, I don't think that's what Raz is thinking.

But I could definitely be wrong...

Ah, I rambled again, I hope that all makes sense. I've been going on a total six hours of sleep for the past three days, and I can't seem to make sure my thoughts make sense, but I really hope they do.
Of course Raz laughs. Oh well, the feelings talk will have to wait. And is he actually coaching Sid? In his own, asshole-ly way? I mean he's giving Sid a second chance to defend the woman, he doesn't have to do that. In my experience, lawyer-y people love to screw each other over when they have the chance, but Razzy isn't. Hmmm...

Also, I guess two knives is the limit for Sid the Advocate. He seemed to get over the first one, but no go on the second. Weeeak. Also, if Mags has warm blood because he's unmarked, what temp blood do the Bezzafrayl and Chiranobles have? Weird question, but I've been pretty curious about it. Or is that a secret?

And it seems like "court" is just trying to change Raz's mind. I mean, do Chiranobles outrank the Bezzafrayls in some regard? Or is it just Sid's rank and personality and Raz's ego that make it seem like that? I want to know more!
Ha I knew Raz looked different! And a different argument from Sid? How about:

"Because I love her. Ever since her broken form came crashing down in front of me, I have been head over heels in love with her."

Then Razzy would be all "No, say it's not so!" And Distress would turn into a soap opera pretty much immediately.

But, I think Razzy's a little teensy bit mad at Sid. Kinda like when a girl with a crush gets made because her love interest is nice to another girl. "Why doesn't she have to pay but I do? Why am I never good enough for you?"

And Raz and Sid are about to sit down and talk out their feelings right? That's totally what's going to happen next. No in all seriousness, I really can't wait to see how Raz reacts to this.
Wow, Raz has faith in Sid? Honestly that's almost as shocking as Raz being concerned for Sid. Every update you learn something new...

And I am starting to think that Raz is seriously in denial about something, I don't know why but that's just the feeling I'm getting from him (joking of course). Also, how would Sid's death make him put him in Raz's control? I get that Bezzafrayl forget everything once they die (at least that's what I understand to happen) but wouldn't he just stay where he is now? Become the same thing over again?

Which reminds me, how did Sid get to where he is now, with his apparent misplaced desire to make boo-boo's go away? How did he start his training? So many mysteries and I feel like I'm missing so much... Every time I find something new I wanna read it from the beginning again to see what makes sense now (which I will be starting again momentarily).

And by the way, sorry, I know I haven't been around since the start of the chapter and I feel like I'm so behind! I think I will be using the question button some more, I kinda sent a bunch in right at the beginning and haven't used it since.
Woot Woot! New chapter! Can't wait till the next update.
Wow, I'm off the internet for a few days and I come back to four page updates? You definitely made my day.

So that was surprising, definitely didn't expect Lisair to beat the crap out of Martea while she's down...and dead. There is something fishy about the whole thing, especially how Lisair is acting. He seems indifferent at first when he goes to Martea, then after he's finished, he looks almost horrified. (Or at least he's covering his head and refuses to look at Martea after that.)

Then there's Cervi who seems creepy. Beating up dead Bezzafreyl is a gift to her? And a beautiful gift at that? Jeez, she either really dislikes Martea or she is just disturbed. Also, it seems she has some influence over Lisair, which probably isn't a good thing.

Also, are those wide black band hovering around Martea's wrists and arms her bracelets or are they just part of the Bezza-trapper?
Gah, I'm confused,I want to know exactly what Kresin and Amvisile are talking about. Kresin wants to save Martea some how? Rewrite the Law? I wish I had more info...

And aw, so close in the incentive, but I wouldn't have gotten it. Is there a reference to Alua and harp earlier in the comic? Her playing one or mentioning playing one? Maybe that's just hindsight playing tricks on me.

Also, I saw you in the forum on pornographic comics, and honestly I'm kind of surprised about what some people said about DeSTRESS. Honestly I'm kind of shocked that people would say that you it falls within the same category as some of the removed comics.

I still love this comic so much, despite what people may say about it, and it's still, by far, my favorite web comic on Smack Jeeves. It is definitely in my top three of all the internets too. You do a wonderful job :)

Also, I hope life gets better for you, it's seems like it's been a bummer recently.
Okay, for the incentive I'm really tempted to make two guesses, but I'm not sure if that's allowed so I'm going to go with my less obvious of guesses: a violin (or something related, cello, viola, etc)? I don't think I'm right since Cheres actually has that, but otherwise I'm stuck with the very obvious choice.
Oh my goodness I wanna see the next incentive! I'm so glad you're doing their story. Also, Stephi is right, they are a pretty temperamental bunch.
Yaay! I was so excited to see the incentive, I like the story a lot.

Esvron, woah, trembling a little but the girl has some serious aim, especially since that lance looks pretty heavy.

Also, I totally agree with Kitti on the last page. The proof is in the dick size.
I always thought it was a Chansey that hung around the PCenter, helping Nurse Joy and all that...
If you don't personally need it, I'm going to second Kickthecan with the Internet Archive. Ultimately it's your choice, but the Internet Archive strikes me as a charity with a genuinely good cause without any ulterior motives. As long as it's a charity that does what it says it does, and doesn't discriminate against anyone, I'm happy, (though once again, it's really your choice.)
I feel like crap for not leaving any comments these past few updates, but honestly I've been slammed so hard with work that I've barely had enough time to see what has updated. I really am sorry...

Anyway, interesting argument between the Bezzafreyl. I don't think this will be ending well, though. Hopeful Kresin can get Amvisile down, but I seriously doubt it. And I don't think he's at too bad of a angle. I do thint it was an interesting choice to make the Bezzafreyl's monsters based off of cold-blooded animals and insects (I believe you said that somewhere a while ago.)

Oh well, just wanted to let you know I'm still alive and enjoying your work. :) Happy New Year!

P.S. Your link for Yaoiful(?) Mags isn't working, or at least it isn't working for me.
Question: Is there any more info about kick starter? Sorry to post it here, it's just I haven't heard anything in a while...
Haha I am finally experiencing the wonderful stress that people have talked about when dealing with finals and it's amazing that people can update at all really. Also, I wonder if Razzy ever 'gave a shit' about the souls in his church and he's speaking from experience. Maybe? Yea? This whole souls don't deserve your respect thing is just too tempting to give up, especially when I go back and reread the actions of two souls in particular.

And I wonder if Razzy knows about what really happened to the old man and doesn't care, or thinks he just turned into a Nihilfaer and thinks that Mags wants him to give a shit about it. Cause all we really know about the issue is that Sid said he had no clue what it was, but honestly, I'm taking Sid's opinion with a grain of salt. (I would say I'm sorry Sid, but I'm not.)

Also, does ANYONE, fictional or not, call Razzy but his full name? With exception of Karim in Chapter Two? (Cheres's 'Razzy' seems to fit him so much better than 'Raz' in my opinion. And doubly also, I love the names in here, of every thing. I be hatin on your creativity, in that good appreciative way.

And that was my super long comment to get you though finals. Good luck :)