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Booty everywhere! This makes me indescribably happy xD

They're all so cute as drunks, I can't. And then big ol' vain wagging his tail ;w;
Oh gosh, so much work! Jesus, I would have died.

They're all so, so wonderful. Thank you for taking the time. And of course, thank you for drawing my Lee-Bee ;w;
Thank god you didn't start after me because I would seriously be scared if you did, holy crap.


They're all so beautiful as always AiAi. Thank you for drawing my Lee, he's so beautiful ;3;

Thank you! I'm glad you liked how he turned out ;w;9 He's a very cute character so I wanted to portray him as such <3333

I love his black eyes! I've always had a weakness for characters with that particular trait. I have no idea why xD

Tell me about //fans self too. This is a good ass looking collab *w*

Thanks Kuji! I'm glad you do ;w; <33333

Thank you! Aki is such a cute looking character, it was a pleasure <3333

No problem man, I'm glad you liked how your baby turned out ;w; <333333

//lays on the floor, sobbing, clutching baby hand.

Thanks man! I'm glad you like em ;w; <3333
I was so inspired by Fawningoverfauns sketches of some of the CS characters that I wanted to do something similar with headshots!

I tried to get at least one character for every member. If I missed anyone I'm sorry and let me know! <3
I told you that you would never have a more comfortable rest!

His butt is like the softest of pillows. Like laying on a warm silken cloud. Like-

Okay, I'll stop xD.

I love this! It's super cute and I'm glad you posted it ;w; Sunny's expression though, it's freaking adorable xD! What a dork <3
Oh my god, booties this heaven ;^;
What a cutie! I can't wait to see more of him <333
He looks so good Cakie! I can see more of Tai now that he's colored

xD I'm almost tempted to do one for all the characters so far.

I had lots of fun.

Hey don't give me that face! He's my bae I can do whatever I want >BV

//proceeds to fuck Richard against a wall
So here's my big, handsome man! //hoards him myself.

I wonder where this mysterious baby bay lavender scent is coming from...

//hisses because AiAi got the first comment

Thank you!

Oh boy, finally someone who gets them. It'll be their billion dollar idea to get Tai to sell pizza flavored cakes xD

//lays him down

You will never have a more comfortable rest...