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Hey guys! Skirby here! After months of being inactive, I'm coming back! I've learned how to sprite and all that stuff. Now I just need a sprite sheet...
Anyways if I'm not here, you can find me at
So sorry for being inactive so long! I'll try to be on as much as possible!
Oh! You changed Boalt's boots? Now I'm tempted to check.
Wow. Nice job on the drawing.
Ah true. By the way, I like your new profile picture.
Yes the reply system. It's clever.
That's a really good idea.
But... I have something to say.
Better than I can ever do! X3
Oh hai
Wow I was behind. Lol happy Easter guys!
Ha. Classic joke. :)
HEEELLLLLLLPPPP MEEEEEEE! I've been gone (on another website where everyone thinks my character is actually a character) and idk what happened.
Waddle dees are magic. :3
Me: *facepalm* I would fall for it,too.
No comment...
Wait... doesn't that count as a comment?
March 13th, 2011
@the comic
Wouldnt it be IMA FIREN MAH LAZOR!!!!!
he doesn't yell shoop da woop when he fires his lazor.
Dang it! I fell for it!
What the heck happened while I was gone. Skirby has a lot of fans, and I mean a LOT. XD so I had to keep up with the messages on Skecthfu. That's why I was gone. :)