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orange plaid face
i like turtles
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oh my gosh.. it feels like yesterday since your other comic ended and you started this one! i loved this comic btw as much as i did with the other one. i seriously do hope you still keep making more comics in the future!
BLYTHE'S STROOONG PERSONALITY! oh! you spelt independent wrong right there!
shes just all like. NO FUCK YOU.
here byethes lemme feed you some chillie oh thanks blakes i like when you do that
the 2 headed monster...
LOL i can't wait for the next chapter, these are fun to read. wonder what is going to happen next!
LOL..i was waiting her to be all. IT'S CALLED PUNK. YOU STUPID HIPSTER. silfj xDD
i think you're doing great so far! i'm very curious to find out what else is going to happen xD!
LOL prissy girl.. xD
whoa i actually like this fan art! and the style too. xD
Sasha you are the best.
i glanced at this and thought it said, "can we fuck later?" lsdfjm
i just read Beowulf in english. he rips off grendal's arm liek a boss. xDDdfjkm
best to tell us then disappearing! ;D
naked demon on the loose! chase after him, man!
thank you! : D i just never really seen anything like your drawing style before!
ahah! the pizza mafia.. xDD
oh i think the comic is great so far! i like your sister's drawing style and such. xD lotsa neat characters!
it was a twist when she added the monster in her comic. i didn't see it coming. xD