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There's no cool way of saying it. :x I'm sixteen years old and love using Teh Arts to tell stories. I like anime and manga, but don't tell the college portfolio reviews. (As you know, 'anime' style automatically means you have nothing original to say.)

Music interests: Upbeat Japanese music including Shiina Ringo, RIP SLYME, Tommy Heavenly/February6, HALCALI, Morning Musume, W, Mini Moni, POLYSICS, YUKI, JUDY AND MARY, and Capsule. I also like Regina Spektor and Nellie McKay when I want to feel smart/don't feel like screwing up my blood pressure.

Fandom: Teen Titans, Avatar, and Danny Phantom, as far as American shows go. I also heart Ouran Host Club, Digimon seasons 1 and 2 (just in case you missed the fact that Haruki's costume design comes from there), Death Note anime, D. Gray-man manga, Azumanga Daioh, Yotsuba, and Hare nochi Guu. I'm actually a fan of acid-trip-simulating classic literature, like Gulliver's Travels and A Clockwork Orange. I also squee over the Artemis Fowl series because....omg. Little genius boy.

Other interests: Dolls, lolita fashion, cute things, Rococo era, avoiding phrases like "fine art" or "studio art", finding colleges, not dying on SAT
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Spot on, fellows! Guest comic from Thalia. :3

Again, hiatus goes on for a little longer--until January <3

My part of the guest comic is here: though I may post it elsewhere for good measure @_@
How to design a front page? I think you can edit pages from the 'manage comics' section. :)
LAWL, apologies for lateness + crappiness! I'm STILL sick and it's the very most for my brain to handle to just move the plot along. T_T;;
I was about to say, "Man, if the optic nerve is that big.....scary...."
Here to confuse yuu~ <3 This is more or less a mix of 'advertising the concept of/upcoming events in the comic' and 'if I had enough time to spend, every page would probably look something like this'. Anyway, I finished the roughs on an Ashita 'opening' style animation that I was working on, so please look at it:
*retroactive commenting YES*
Skye is so sexy when he's in "lol evil scientist dissecting good grade GO GETTER" mode. X)
Yeah, so I was sick for like two weeks. :) S'rry! All this time, that dinosaur was just waiting in suspense--now it finally receives its reward, in the form of Haruki giving it a weird-ass, medically-associated name. 0_o (Haruki wants to be a doctor/surgeon.)

Thanks x a zillion to Mayeko for advertising for me. X) It was like a fricking huge help~
It's GGGRRRREAT how the gate in the last panel could have been drawn by a two-year-old.

This page encourages dinosaur violence! Those two were probably friends before Haruki took control of the first one and made them fight . . . they were probably sacred, peace-loving animals in the world they came from, only to be used for a selfish human's ambitions--well, that's okay, I always hate sacred, peace-loving animals. Go, Haruki, go! Kill, kill!
Aw man D:
There's some terrible, horrible, suggestive stuff that can happen when trying to slip a note into someone's pocket, huh? XDDD

Couldn't she have just put it in his locker? @_@
*attempts to push +favs up manually XD* The +fav has been at 89 for almost a week, my SAT scores suck, I screwed up on an English test....

I'm gonna go listen to LINKIN PARK. *emo sulk*
Haruki really DOES like Valentine's Day because he is utterly perplexed by the fact that cartoon hearts look nothing like hearts. He also seems to have it slightly confused for a day to celebrate research into progressive heart/artery surgery.

+fav is....almost at ninety. D: It WAS at ninety, but then it fell and hasn't gotten back up all week. T_T;;;
February 14th, 2007
LAWL I love the laziness of this page. XD
That MUST be good chocolate if Skye is eating it....
I'm back from GEORGIA, lawls. I need to catch up with everyone else's comics, but I have too much stuff to do right now. T_T

Dinsaaaaurs. Aw, I just found an adorable Peanuts song to go with it, but I can't upload the song. D:
BOOOOO for pages that take too long!!

I love how Xin is actually a little pissed off by this. XD I agree with Bailey, though.... it's very mean to kill off a character who wasn't supposed to die, EVEN IF THEY WERE A ZOMBIE.
BASICALLY this unnecessarily-large-panelled page is here for me to say that I'll be gone for a week and won't be able to make pages in that time YEY. Also I was going to whinny about how I'd lost a fan, but I got it back :D.

Next update next Tuesday~
Shoujo moment!! XD
Did you just figure out his birthday or something...? <3 I'll probably be drawing him a (very belated) present.
--Haruki is supposed to be evil in the way that would make ten-year-old fangirls explode from awesomeness.

--Bunny ears, ne? XDDD

--Arrows, yeah D:. It's a design thing. Lots of arrows everywhere (in his defense, he didn't pick out the outfit OR the arrows motif).

This place, by the way, is Haruki's base/secret place/hidey hole where he goes to be evil. It's symbolic, lulz. I'd explain more, but I have to go play Kingdom Hearts.
I haven't watched it all the way through in ages, but I love it (creative animation, story, etc.) I don't consider it confusing, though....? I think I process things weird.
HAHAHAH the Blesfuscu joke. Because I'm a Gulliver's Travels dork [for those unknowning: Blesfuscu is the name of the rival mini-nation of the mini-nation Lilliput--a.k.a. Haruki. Brobdignag/Buro is a nation of giants that has nothing to do with Lilliput in the book].