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Lasagna anyone? =D
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Ahahahahaha Camilo, you funny man. :D
Click? :D
Awww Camilo~ <3
Awww my MSN is kinda dead tho... ;A; I guess i'll make a new one. Go TP~ :3
KFC!!! :D
Jack you awesome guy you. XD
Awww she's so cute. :D
YAY red! :D

I'm keeping an eye on this remake~ :D Go go go!
Hurry up or you'll get low bat! XD
WHAT ELSE? Eat BREAKFAST! It will give you some energy for your next i'll-try to-escapecapade!
I-I'm a sap... *melts*
Stealing is baaaaaaaadddd! >:(
Ohhhh sexy page. :3 I need to update moar too... Orz, Knot has the longest intro. ;A;
Abel!! Nyuuuuu!! >/////<
Skye has the best reactions... XD
2 pages... and still as sketchy as always... hayzzz.... ;A;
Man, everyone guessed ahead. :D

WHy not a big explosion? Knot doesn't want to call any attention does he? It's just a weak bomb to disable his target.
Very sexy perspective~ XDDD It looks great~ :D
Thank you all very much~! >///< I'm gonna gave fun here, especially with everyone's sexy characters~ :D
Er, i'll replace these sketchy pages... soon. XO NCAE is tomorrow... gotta study... ;A;

Compared to the other's... mine is... so messy... and sketchy, i'm sorry. ;A;