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I'm a fan of Megaman, Earthbound, Pokemon, and sometimes Mario. My fave music groups are The Megas, Duane and Brando, System of a Down, and Muse. I like anything related to ninjas.
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that really sucks. This comic is amazing, but hey, at least you got to The Search.
Just kidding. good job, rare candy. I wanted WCDA and Mega to win but at least some good comics like this won.
@Shadow_Da_Hedgie: OH GOD. THE PUNS IN THAT SHOW. *Shivers*
This comic is hilarious, despite all the punctuation errors! 5 star'd
"I am your Air Man now!"
UGH! I'm so jealous of your ability to draw the fins on his helmet!!! >_<

Turn the lights out, I fall right over the edge
Turn them back on, there's grenades
Walking grenades that charge at you to their death
Is this real steath? No way~!
Sorry to be picky, but shouldn't panel 3 say,
"It shall be done!" ?
I think either he has the wrong color eyes, or Option #1. >.<
If Shadowman had a TV show(Called Ninja Quest, even), i'd watch it forever, every day. Dead serious.
Ahh, I love that game.
Panel 6
I read all the little text lol
"If you're reading all of this, you have no life." Mwahaha.
I see what u did thar
Ah, jk. I get it. Hee hee, i love Elec man's eyes in the last panel.
100th fan! :D
Mwahaha, i bet the portal is gonna close, trapping Protoman in the 8 bit dimension!
I dunno why, but I hate Protoman's sprites in the last 5 panels.
He's gonna have to go up alllll those stairs XD