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Kyogroudon X
I love sprte comics man
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    Richard C.
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@Extremmefan: thats rude leave this pag,e alone
how does immortalCHAOS come up with this? i wish he would upload it himself though
That's not important. o.o
The punchline was the fourth panel. :)

Didn't need the last two dude.
Well this comic is pretty good.

my friend wants you to check out his comics you can find them from my author page (Sonic's Random Life)
I don't get the point of this comic....
It's incredibly rude of you to call my friend's comic a troll comic, if you don't like it then please just move along. ^^;
Hi there, please check out my friend Immortal Chaos's sprite comic about Sonic and his friends. It's super random and hilarious! ^^ d-by-knuckles/
hey Wotter, no need to be mean dude. ^^;

immortal is just defending his work. No offense but you were bein' a little rude. x-x;
hey um... my friend wanted me to post this for him so i did... it's his comic called Sonic's Random Life

it's pretty funny and it's updated on wednesdays and maybe extra days. um... so please give us your feedback and check it out.

The url is right here:


Um... hi there. my name is Kyogroudon X. though I guess yall could have guessed that by just reading my name x-x;

anyways um, my friend just started a comic and he wanted my help in advertising it. i'm co-author for it, so if you click on it you can check it out. it's a hilarious comic called Sonic's Random Life

though i think it might be a little dumb of me to post ads on other people's comics without even discussing the comic at hand...

this ahs good action but y is it so short though? all that happened was a couple of punches and kicks and then the page was over. you should make it longer and have more stuff happened because this just isn't satisfying at all for an update :(

thank you for your time ^^;
hey don't tell people that your a better writer than they are. we all know that your funny but nobody will be laughing if you tellem that your better than they are man
Lol. hey there peeople this is Immortal's friend Kyogroudon. he aksed me to help him setup the sight so I did.

um... so yeah.

lol immortal this comic is so random and funny XD