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im just a normal one...
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Just a moment
I'm just taking a moment to tell you that this page contains a lot of BL vibes >.< hahaha Me likes!

Atty, honey, you're being such a whiny little bitch. So bossy! :D Just kiss already (so soon!)
'Lifted out of yaoi', huh? Am I sensing a yaoi friend here? hahaha >.<
I'll take your word on that. I would really like to see a smile on that brat's face >.< hahaha But, eh, there's a lot of chappies posted now, So i guess I'm gonna see it at one time. Gotta be fast huh? No problem on that, your art and this story keeps me going til the fucking morning and later I'm hoping for that stupid cock-a-doodle-doo of the stupid chicken outside. Anyway, your little messages there inspires me to "take a break and have a comment" (If you get it,,, corny I know)

I'm so regretting the fact that I forgot about this amazing website and thus your amazing work. So many great pages I haven't seen. I'm following up on that now. ell, long comment is long. Tataa!
Dat butthole. Should I even comment about those thingies on Atty's face in the last panel? Gross >.> haha
Hey, dood, Did I ever tell you you're one awesome person? No? I guess I got too carried away pushing that next button. Can't help it you know, your art's amazing. I love Atticus, by the way. Oh, and Miles ;) And you of course.
talk about an out of the blue question :D
wow, those details! It's just the first page and you got me! good luck with the contest! I'm cheering for you... (Though I don't know if it's still ongoing...)
He really reminds me of Roxas =3
both are so sexy!

hahahahaha XD he was like "Alleluyah!!!" then oh nevermind
Atti-chan! Kawaii!!!~~~
sorry, for my yaoi-thoughts!!!!

it's just damn hot! sorry yaoi fan!!!!!!

i really love you!!! you've got great drawing skills!
i want that band-aid! gimme one!
oh my gawd, kaka-sensei on the second panel is so freakin hawt!
T_T wahhh!!! i miss Edward already!!!!!
liam is so cool now!
ahhh this is definitely must be made as an anime!!!! do iiiiiiittttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!
It's Chloe Moretz! i Looooooovvvvveeee her!!!!!!

and such a nice way making them alive!!! oh you better do a film!!! wahahahahaha!!! XD

but Pneumonia still doesn't make things better!
as i thought!!!!! XDDDDD
waaaahhhh!!! the Younger Brother Is FASTER! ha! Richard you suuuucckkk!!!!
Go edward!!!
ahahahaha XD what's with the sudden change? oh my!