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Zoutou is a writer, artist and musician. She enjoys anime and anything fantasy involved.
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    Jessica Atchley
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The school pictures are actually tones, i didnt draw them :)
Drawn by Dirtydingus-Mcgee and colored by me

Alice- Rosse
Mad Hatter- Victor
Queen of hearts- Nami
King of hearts- Kuroi
Dormouse- Melissa
Cheshire cat- Mom
Tweedle Dee/dum- Tori and Rune
Rabbit- Rai

Next comic coming soon! Sorry for the delay!
Small hiatus
There will be a small hiatus on this comic until i can finish my chapter for my other comic, When Fangirls Prevail. Please check it out!
Haha, its suppose to be like that. You're not suppose to know what grade or country they are in!

They are high school students, however :D
I'm going to ohayocon the week of the 26th, so no comics this week. ill be back in February
It's all vertical this week... Well, trying something new, i'll almost defiantly revert back since im lazy and this took way too long.

Anyway, site makeover, and due to popular (one person's) demand, we now have a character page, as well as a contact page and an art page.
I used copic markers, then used a filter in photoshop for the effect :3
Chapter two starts next week, pictures til then!

First up, everyone's least favorite heroine.
I'm away for finals and other stuff, so enjoy this portrait of Victor i did a while back. Comic will be back Tuesday!
I'm holding a WIF contest on Deviantart, and anyone is welcome to join. You can find it here:

If you're not on DA, you can just note me on this site with your entry.

The contest runs until February 9th, so you have plenty of time to decide.
Easy, this comic happens over a course of many weeks/months, so he's gotten to know Rai, he's not a new student anymore.
Nami and Victor
Hey, sorry for the delay, but WIF will return on Thursday :) (I'm plowing through my last test!)

Thanks for being patient.
When I made the comics, I also made fillers in case i happened to run out. So lemme pound out another month's batch of comics. In the meantime, enjoy a non chibified version of rune and tori.
Finally this comic has a cover.. I posted this after like 17 comics <_<;
How did he get his scar again?
I really doubt any newspaper would like my comic, but i appreciate your thoughts!

All my jokes won't be good, i can promise you that! xD
You'd think i'd be happy that this comic is reaching the 100 favorites mark, but what i'm happy about is the fact that people actually remember my character's names. Awesome.
Because only gay men are nice and caring. I don't care if that's a stereotype, because its a nice one.

Dropping the double posts. (wow, that didn't take long) But to make up for it i'll post on Saturdays occasionally as well.
You know those people who are so attractive until they open your mouth? Enter Tori. He's not a major player in this series though, however we will be introducing another main character thursday,(and my absolute favorite!) so stay tuned!