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Hello! I'm Kiarra, but you can call me Ion. I usually don't make web comics, but I have been planning on making one and placing it on here!

I like to read manga, watch flash animations and play computer/flash games. I also enjoy writing stories and my dreams down; my dreams, alone, are their own comic in one!

Like to talk to you some other time. Thank you for reading and viewing!
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I did not... 😅🤦🏾
Sam knows what's up! 🤣
Lol, Silvia feels personally attacked! 🤣
Hey! The page's saying "Bad Image Source".
@Bloomer: I'll admit that that sounds pretty epic... on a clumsy level. Like you've made a new achievement I wouldn't have thought was ever possible. I'm picturing this in my head in awe and everything.

My poor baby isn't catching a break in any any direction he turns! D:
That's me af. I'm the kind of person who trips over air so I feel his pain on a spiritual level.
Thank you this opportunity! I'm loving the colors, they're beautiful~! :D
Pfft, the sarcasm is strong in this one. XD I feel the same way when I'm at work, picking up after adults my age or older.
1. One
2. One
3. One
4. One
I misread "Khakis" for "Khanghis" (Khan and Gehghis put together) for some reason, I don't even...
I'm not sure if this was mentioned, but 4-11, 4-12, and 4-13 were repeated twice in the listing. I'd assumed that the second set was 4-15, 4-16, and 4-17. Is that correct?
"If you want my body and you think I'm sexy. Come on, sugar, let me know..."

I can sense his lust and his sassyness in those eyes; it's like, he's annoyed that Hiro's not doing anything to him.
Oh god, I can't right now. Scanlan is such a little tattle-tale. Like, did he grow up, at all or did his maturity lessen as he gotten older?

"You're fornicating with a slave... a MALE slave! Blasphemy!" Queer or not, it's not that uncommon. :I
I wish that I heard the previous part of that conversation; it sounds like quite the adventure!
Oh no, his face! That's like, the most essential part of his body! D: What's not to like? Takeshi just kicked Hiro's face! HIS FACE! I about died seeing that gazelle kick to his face.

College has desensitize me in regards to time... outside of its realm. I hadn't noticed that you haven't update in two weeks. I literally thought it was like two days ago since your last update! XD

Seriously though, I think that you have a right to be annoyed because you're committed to making this comic and you've made such great efforts to share it with us. You update frequently and communicate with your readers just as much so to hear someone tell you that what you've given them isn't enough is, to me, inconsiderate.

Keep up the good work, you're doing such great things for us. :D
Baby steps, Vivian. Baby steps. These two will need start out small before doing... well, whatever it is you'd envisioned initially.
"Damn it, he's good-looking." Well, at least they can agree on something... mentally speaking.
Those volumes aren't being filled with words, that's for sure.

And of course he would be back to ruin everything! Hun, let go of your brother and go get a hobby or something! >:(
@OtherworldsComics: "Son, I am disappointed by how you carried on with that male servant of ours. He is not a woman, he shall not be treated as one. We shall punish him greatly for seducing your young, stupid mind..." Did I get any of that right? I think I'm on the right track here.

But if it's Laird, then I think that his punishment would result in a misfortune happening to his sister and then his termination as a servant.
And I heard that a certain someone has developed a love for sliding their hands in between people's thighs... but hey, what do I know?