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Well, I'm an artist, I guess. I love making music, poetry, perspective novels, paintings, drawings, and photo-manipulation. I'd love to dance... if I was more co-ordinated. I love anime and always have ever since my best friend, Amii, introduced it to me with InuYasha when I was 9. :-P I love daydreaming and life. I'm going to become an author, but I'm currently working on Helium right now, getting money for my essays and articles, and a few short stories. Soon, I'd love to get one of those ad jobs online. Well, that's all. Wanna know anything else, you can message me. ~:-) Also, this summer I'm getting an anime program for my computer, so I'll add my own comics when I get that.
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    Katy Nephalai
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Oh my goodnesses!! :O Wow, this IS a show. What was that dust stuff anyways? Who is that girl neko? Will Katsu ever go back to normal?? OMG!!! Okay, you need to update again!! I love your manga!! It's great!! ^.^ Brava!!
(This is your bff Katy, btw and this is my bf talking, jsyk.) :P

As you obviously know, from the comment above, that I am Katy's bf. As you probably also know I'm not very comfortable with homosexual action. However, I have recently, actually now, have come to more terms with my homophobia. I have a strong belief that your stories and comics have had a great help in helping come out of this common class acceptance, btw I'm trying to majorly stab the Texas people who lynch gays because of their preference. Because of your interesting approach at writing and drawing I find that your stories can make a very big difference in human society.

Oh. My. Gawd! Okay, you HAVE to update, SOOOOOOOON! I'm seriously addicted to this comic! Your artwork is amazing, the humor is AWESOME and the story line is the best! YEAH!!!!! Can't wait for more. ^.^ hahaha!
Okay, I LOVE this comic!! I love Greek mythology and this is just SPECTACULAR! Great ending too. :P I love the artwork, the story, everything. Pure genius! Bravo! ^.^
I love this comic! The graphics are great and I found it humorous already. :P Can't wait for more!! ^.^