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Father, husband, artist, graphic designer, Customer Service Representative.
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    Elliott Rodriguez
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This is probably the weirdest thing that a customer has ever done at my desk. Yes, this actually happened.
Wow, that is some kind of flattery you just unleashed. Just don't follow my example for anything. If you do you'll end up with year-long gaps in your updates.

Thanks though.
Thanks. I've certainly missed updating. I've got a couple weeks worth of updates and I was really tempted to just dump them all online. Instead I'll be updating M,W, F for the next couple weeks at least.
I found a few reciepts that hadn't been scanned, so I figured I'd put them online. This probably was really funny when Iron Man 2 trailers were running constantly.

As a side note, this was scanned using my iPhone so it has a noticably different look than previous editions.
I am posting updates, but I have yet to set a schedule at this point. I will continue to post as I squeeze out time to complete pages.
It was. Sort of still is, but I finally finished this page so I decided to put it out there.
My apologies for my improper updating conduct. For more info on future updates see the latest news post.
Well, I wouldn't use the term 'alien,' but yes he was.
Let's just say that this specific wording was not used...
A Continuation
The backside to the envelope featured in the last comic is finally revealed!
Another Rift inSpace-Time
Strange how this comic is posted for Saturday when I was certain I had forgotten to upload a page...

You may notice this was drawn on the front of an envelope and not on a receipt as is my usual M.O. What can I say? I was low on receipts...
This is most definitely based on an actual experience.
I know, another unBallpoint like comic. Don't worry, we'll return to our regularly scheduled ballpoint next week.
In my defense, a customer left this marker at my counter and I couldn't resist using it.
It ran out of ink shortly after I drew this (and the next comic).

This also isn't the first time I've used a marker before, Ballpoint 067 featured the use of multiple highlighters.
It's a hobo. Maybe a hobo-sasquatch, but definately not a hobo-sasquatch-wolfman.
They don't have black ink where you come from?
Most likely I started this with a blue pen, then got distracted by actual work and couldn't find the same pen.
I did use two different pens on this one. Gold star for you, robybang.
rubeuswagner, while I appreciate your attempt at subtle critique, it encourages me to point out that while the similarities in style are not lost on me, I'd like to point out that everyone's art looks like someone elses.
Or were you under the impression that Mike Krahulik invented the style.
In keeping with the true nature of this project I will neither point out nor correct the error on this page.