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Crap, I have to talk about myself?

Well uh, I'm currently a 4th year in art school, studying to be a concept artist, so my free time is pretty limited.
In that little free time though, I enjoy drawing, playing videogames, and long walks on the beach.

If you actually like my shit, (why would you), you can find me on various other sites, including Deviantart, Blogspot, and Y!.


Hey guys, I know I know, another loooong wait between pages. I am so sorry. ._.
Life's been.... busy lately. I believe when I last posted, I was in between moving AGAIN, since I ran into some roomate troubles and whatnot. The came the holidays then going back to work, trying to get my online shop up and running and so on...

I really DO want to continue this comic, but as I was tyring to finish up this page, I was realizing how long it takes to color them. Even with them being very loose, it's a long process. So either I find a better more streamline process, or... I just take a long time.
We'll see.

In the meantime, I have a tumblr where I am FAR more active if any of you are curious.
Hit me up there anytime. And... well, I guess I'll see you when I see you. :3c

Hey guys, I'm so sorry it's been so long since my last upate. I'm sure most of you prolly thought this comic was dead.
Sadly, over the summer my office took on the project from Hell, delivered directly from Satan's asshole. Things in my personal life have also gottne a bit hectic. (in a good way, at least)
So I simply haven't had the time or energy to commit to this comic.
I assure you, IWWF is NOT dead. But updates will be sparratic.

I also have another comic in the works, which I will be posting very soon. Follow my tumblr for updates on that, as well as the other art I do in my (little) free time!

Love you all, you little dears <3
Hey lovelies! So, the past few weeks have been utterly crazy for me! In between moving to a new apartment, helping a friend with her wedding, and getting things ready for STAPLE, I have literally no spare time to work on IWWF. And I'm afraid the craziness is going to last for another couple weeks...

So, sadly, IWWF will have to go on hiatus for a short while. I'll try to do a few filler things, which will probably consist of old concept work of the characters and such.
I'm so sorry, all! Thank you for putting up with me all this time! <3

In the meantime, here's the layout of Vance's bungalow! Nothing impressive or interesting, I know.
Just ignore it, Vance. Just ignore it and hope nothing bad happened. That's how I handle these situations.
New page!

Now back to packing...
As of today, IWWF is one year old! I had so wanted to make a birthday image, but I am currently swamped up to my eyeballs with trying to move into a new apartment!

So, here's all I have for now, lovelies! See you next week! <3
Why Vance! You have a hideous bathroom! 8D
Sorry this page is a day late folks, I've been a busy beaver!

For those of you who don't follow me on DA or Y, I just signed up to have a table at Staple! Austin! So, if you're in the Austin area March 3-4, come by an see me!

Also, guess what! Exactly one week from today will be IWWF's first birthday! One year old! ;A;
And now we finally introduce the coolest character of the comic!
The cat. >:3

We also get to see Vance's little bungalow and how terrible I am at drawing buildings!

You guys. You guys. 200+ fans. You guuuuys. <3

Also, gonna take a short break for the remainder of the holidays. Hope you all enjoy your own holidays and see you next year!!
Yay page two!
Jeeze Vance, stop being such a grumpy gills! SO maybe you were just nearly drowned, and woke up wet and disoriented on a beach, and met a freakin merboy, and now are having to carry him home, in the dark, up a winding hill, without your shoes. No need to be rude about it.

And yes, Vance lives in one of those beachy towns with lots of hills and fancy little bungalows. How does he afford that shit.
Yay for new lighting schemes! No more hot, bright sunset! Now it's all....purply night lighting...shit.
OH WELL. Here ya go!

Now I'm off to play Zelda. <3
Oh hai guys! Guess what we're gonna get started again? Updates will be back to every other sunday, so expect page 1 to be on the 20th! 8D

Also, how did I get 20+ new fans during a whole month of absence? What the fuck you guys are awesome. <3
WELP. I had wanted to post this yesterday, but... my hard drive decided to die this past week! So no work got done! 8D;

Luckily, I had been a good girl and already got a lot done. (Plus, it was an easy page...) So, when I got my computer back up and running, I just had to finish it up. SO here ya go!
End of chapter, yaaay!

Comic will go on a short hiatus while I prepare for chp 2. Hopefully, work and time willing, I will have something up near the end of the month. c:

Vance has a beautiful mind, doesn't he? Bless him... But, it looks like our lil' gambler has found his meal ticket! Or so he thinks.

OH BBY you guys, just one more page left of this chapter! After that, update will go on a short hiatus while I prepare for the next chapter.
Don't mind Vance. He's just having a bit of a freak-out.

SO. Good news bad news time. We'll make a good news bad new sandwich.
Good news. I now have a job! Yaaay!
Bad news. That means a lot less free time. Boo...
More good news. I'm working on a new comic. It won't be BL... -waitches half her fans leave- And if it will be in a different style...-watches another quarter- But, I'm still very excited! c:
So... there ya go! <3
This. Oh god, this. This has made my day. <3
Because I've officially hit 100+ fans.
You guys are wonderful~! <3
'Don't pull that, you'll go blind.'

Also, Vance that's a merBOY. Jeeze, way to be insensitive.
Oh well, I always thought merboy sounded weird anyway.I mean really, mermaid sounds so dainty and wonderful. But any male equivalent sounds silly or forced, or brings up quotes from Zoolander.
Oh shit son, there's some kinda fish-boy!

Anyway, yes, our merboy is finally revealed!

Umm, and to answer a few people's questions... I'm so sorry, I'm bad at this. It's not that I'm ignoring you guys or anything, I just get busy and/or distracted. SO sorry!

To AncientxxGaruda who asked about Vance's shirt: I picked yellow, because when I first started, I was doing nothing but a bunch of blue and purples. Cool colors, so when Vance first appears, his orange hair and yellow shirt really make him stand out! It was visually appealing, as well as a nice break from the blues. But now, everything is bright red and orange, so it loses that effect. Also, you ever painted yellow? It doesn't go darker without going muddy. Ew. :p

To BananaMuffinPop asking about the mark on Vance's face: No, it's not herpes or anything. Ha ha. It's a big ol' ugly scar. It'll be explained later. c:

And then to the rest of you who comment or simply watch: I <3 you all. c:
Uhh, I've never commented before, but I'd like to say I've followed you and your comic for awhile now, and I know I'm not alone in saying that I really really like it. Sure, it's always good to take the criticism, because we can always learn and improve. But don't let it get ya down, 'cos you got somethin' good here. <3
Okay, well not really, since it was due last week. But, here it is now, instead of next week. And yes, next week will be on time too!
Because I love you all very very much! <3

And o-oh gosh, you guys are so sweet! I honestly hadn't meant for last week's filler update to be any sort of tutorial! It was just to show my process. But, I'm honored you guys took it to heart! *A*