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JokerMann / Tumblr: jokermann and isglass
Hello, Swedish fairy-viking named Felix. Enjoys cold weather and sleep a lot.
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@Riaya: !! You do this too? It sucks how much effort and thinking it takes to do such a natural thing as swinging your arms when walking once it's become an insecurity. I believe you can overcome it though!!
And then I related to a tiny turd.

Try to stay positive and calm even while your nerves are having an INTENSE tango session in your gut
February 11th, 2017
@Igneous: Aaaa sorry about the late reply! ;; I am not very active here lately ehe.
Aww ;w; Look what (or who) emerged from beneath the frost!
January 8th, 2017
I absolutely love the composition and colors you use in your comic, it all looks fantastic!
This is absolutely adorable and arghh :'I Gotta say I love Silliest Putty!
@Igneous: Ahyeah. Well it's different for everyone! For me it almost always hurts when they put the needle in, though it doesn't last long. Then there's the oily-substance-in-buttock-pain - that lasts longer, from 1-5 days. Heat makes it better. My first shot made my butt hurt like bloody hell in a blender of fire for about 2-3 days, then it calmed down. A guy I met said his second shot hurt the most, but mine didn't. It also depends on how the person giving you the shot does it. (Like in this comic this lady just freaking STABBED me but the after-pain wasn't that bad).
Every time I freak out about 1-2 weeks prior to the shot reconsidering testogel haH so yeah it's better to just take it. Probably not recommended, but you could take it, freak out a bit, get used to the thought and feeling. Who knows really, we're all anxious blobs floating in space. Merry Christmas and happy new year to you!
@Igneous: Hahah ahh needles are bloody terrible, enough said.
Alright. It's just to take your time thinking about it. c: No rush! What a pretty word combo - bi and bipolar. That's awesome, I'm really happy for you that she's supportive! Ahah yeah, pronouns take time even with your closest loved ones.
Well a good starter is to not rush into it. Think about it. Weigh pros and cons. If you're at a time where you're able to start testosterone, don't start until you feel 100% sure you want to. No matter your gender identity, and if you do come to the conclusion that you are a transboy, that does not mean you HAVE to start testosterone (hopefully you know this already but hey reminder!). There are also more ways to take testo, like gel for example.

Do you want to talk about what about it you're scared of though?

Sorry for the late reply!!
December 20th, 2016
@Igneous: Eheh e w e (What's got you confused?)
The nurse was fantastic but had no mercy. At least my friends had a good laugh. <8')
October 9th, 2016
With shortness of all kinds comes power! What that power is I don't know yet, but undoubtedly some type of power to compensate... > - >
Woopwoop!!! So happy, never thought I'd get to this point!
September 30th, 2016
I usually just say "I'm a mighty 5'4"
Full comic here: because I don't want to resize this e eheh
@Nerdydust: Nobody is safe :'U
Full comic on Tapastic (because i split it and aa a a a)
August 10th, 2016
@Pandapal: Unfortunately so. Sorry to hear you suffer from the same thing.
@Just a (Guest): :'I
@NerdyPotato: Curse youuuu, tall and small fiend! >8U (okay even though this is a fictional character i used my own height and birthyear lol)
@Pandapal: Thank you, right back at you!

Heheh alright, sounds pretty dang neat. u w u
@Pandapal: Yes. <': Hahahah aww ;;
Sorry for the absence! One would think that since I now have quite legit nothing/few things to do that one would become more active but apparently not hm
Hope you're all having an okay time however!