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Name's Red.
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    My real name isn't Red, but that's what you call me.
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Oh God... he's going to use Oddish, isn't he?
I mean, she beat Onix... and technically, that matchup is worse. But I hope this dude shows Atty how to not suck.
I was almost REALLY hyped that you were following Charizard's official height of five feet. Everyone seems to think it's gigantic...

turns out it's just an Aerodactyl.
August 24th, 2014
That smile is... more than a little bloodthirsty.
August 16th, 2014
Holy shit. Parin is going hard in the paint. Definitely the greatest fight so far.

Yeah. Um. Khan I don't think we know you very well at this point but I was under the impression that you were NOT an asshole who dooms innocent Pokemon to lives under asshole Rockets.

I mean if this is a sequel to the anime in the form of the games (w/ diff chars) that we've kinda seen so far (Ash w/ a statue, pikachus being hailed since Ash had one, etc), Khan has probably seen Rockets and their true colors, since he was all, "So you're a Rocket now? I guess that makes sense, all things about you considering," when he saw Atticus.

Still. I guess we don't know him that well, or maybe he doesn't know Rockets as well as he should, or maybe Rockets aren't even all that terrible in this comic.

The poke could be one of the Nidoran, couldn't be Merric, and it could be something else entirely.
I swear, if this guy is an Iaijutu user then I'll be joining that horde of fangirls.
I really want him to join, and topple the organization from the inside or something.
Prediction: they find Dragonthing and Rat, and Dragonthing is evolved.
Goddamn, he looks pissed.
Please tell me it isn't dead. D:
@H0lyhandgrenade: Oh, would you /really/?
@eworm: Every comic she's made has been in English so far. It's safe to assume that the majority of her readers are English.
With all due respect Kynim, the spanish thing was kind of a stupid idea. Your audience is english. The comic is in english. I understand that you want to get the accents or letters or whatever, but if it's that big of a deal, just change fonts for a comic. I'm sure nobody would give a shit.

Again, with all due respect.
what the fuck maikeru

stop doing these you're supposed to be dead
Since when do robots scream in pain?

Nice little action part here. It'd certainly be a twist if our favorite hedgehog bit the dust here.
Nice. Did you make those Metal Sonic sprites? If not, can you point me in their direction?