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I'm a terribly lazy brazilian artist with short attention span. Expect me to forget I'm supposed to be working... all the time.

I swear it's not my fault. xD

The -chan on my username is because I'm uncreative and have been using this username since I was like... 13? *is 20 now* So please forgive me for it. xDDD I swear I'm not one of those desu people or however they're called. o~o
My favorite character? That is hard. Why you do that to us. But uhmm... My favorite character is Chakin. Why? If his alternate name being awesome wasn't enough of an excuse (I mean, come on, Sir Russel? It can't get much better than that), he looks like a tomato and he's so adorable. I don't even know, I just find him adorable. xD Not to mention I really like tomatos. >.>
But I also really like Jun, and Shichi, and Riona... ;A; They're all so cute. And I love their personalities, that goes to everyone in that story.
I'm bad at picking a single favorite character.
Deian's face telling me we're done kind of creeps me out. D: I'd definitelly be done if I were the one bothering him with questions. xDDD
Good point. xD
Melia's notion of how to interpretate answers can be awfully dangerous. xD They should be careful with what they say.
Ah, Deian, don't you see these reactions will make people find you even cuter? xDDD Poor thing.
January 31st, 2011
Talk about short attention span. xDDD
January 24th, 2011
Aha, I knew this was all about the skirt. 8D Poor, poor Deian, girls are hard to communicate with. =x

Btw you spelled "mead" rather than "mean" in the 3rd last panel. ^^;
January 17th, 2011
I see. =) That's good to know, thanks~ Well, I'll keep an eye out either way. ^^ But first it needs to be finished, and we all need to know what happens next. ;A; *waits*
January 17th, 2011
I will! Can't win if I don't try, right? =) I'm sketching something, but... I think I made them look a little older... orz

Oh, question! (I hope that's ok? xD I get curious) After it's all done and such, do you plan on printing copies for sale, too, or is it just this one for the contest? owo Obviously if questions aren't ok you can just ignore this. xDDD
January 17th, 2011
D: Man I've been internetless and only found out about that contest today. 'orz *failure*

But eh... I've never commented here before, haha. *bad reader* But great chapter so far! =o I wanna see where this goes ;A;