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Captain Yoshi
Just a guy who likes to do stuff
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>The orb could possibly radiate some kind of dangerous energy. Wrap your hand in Silk and use it to pick up the orb so you don't lose another arm.
Lucy: Toss the spider off of Yalda and stab it in the thorax
>Armor and weapons for our two friends would be wise. Going into battle nearly naked doesn't sound like the most advantageous idea.
Calmly say that you have been handling the situation to the best of your abilities and had intended to give you a full report of the days events ASAP
The United states Army?

I am really curious where some of this nonsense comes from
Oh my. Its been a while hasn't it.

Why does Talzo want them to say "But not the war" What use could he have for that phrase?
Enker got himself a shield now. Now he can have an epic shield rematch with Dave.
Well I am very glad Talzo repaid his debt.

Though I am curious of that old Towel Paul Eczk.
Thats one way to deal with evil robot guys.
Creative indeed
Enkers not quite as good with a hula hoop as ring man
It sure is nice to see Talzo providing for the students at the university of Port-Au-Prince... Maybe bad translated Talzo is not as bad as regular Talzo

Caiya... why you so crazy?
Dear Shadik
What is the meaning of life?
Hey Fire Mokee and Caiya
Have you guys ever considered hanging out?
Dear Caiya
What was it like when you had your first Donut?
Now thats what I am talking about. They look much better.
Its a definite improvement over your last attempt at glaDOS. But as loco said. It is still a bit sloppy. Keep working at it. Your attempts have only been getting better. The Chell sprite is pretty nice too.