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"I have withered within me all human hope. With the silent leap of a sullen beast, I have downed and strangled every joy."
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    R. A. Winkelmann
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Fun stuff, always like these storylines, and the unexpected Gemma fill in was hilarious.
Looking forward to see what comes next!
I've yet to see Burton's film, but I'm a big fan of the books and the Disney animated film. This really made my day!
Oh man, this made my day, glad to see you back drawing Young Cannibals, I really missed this comic!

And a really funny entry, by the way, cool stuff as usual!
Hehe, cool stuff!
Lol, poor dude has no luck with the girls. It's been fun this new character.
Haha, she was only being nice!
May 27th, 2009
Lol, gotta take some skill to roll like that!
Scorpions and Tony Basil (spell?), way to bring me memories from childhood, hahaha!
I can see why you're proud of it, the art and colors are awesome in this one, great work!
lol! This one really made me laugh!

Been away without internet conection for a while, but now that I'm back online and with some free time it's great I can read a bunch of new strips all at once.
This reminds me of my cat, it freaks me out every time she vomits, glad it's not often.
lol, good ending for the baseball stories. The sunset sky looks cool.
hahaha, this got me laughing out loud. I just picture Toad spending a whole game quietly below Violet's cap, and jumping out at hearing the news, lol.
Dead people can't talk, hahaha!
I think all my favorite strips are the ones that involves Toad.
Steroids! haha

Fell a little behind following this comic because I've been without internet for a long while, and now spent some days updating my own comics and other things, but now that I find myself with free time it's gonna be great to read a bunch of new entries all at once.

I guess it's kinda late to wish you a good time in Vegas but I hope it was great fun there!
I never used Myspace, but I know how it feels trying to post a very long text somewhere only to get an error message and the whole post lost, lol.

Well, just finished going through the whole archive, this comic is just great! The girls are adorable, the art is cool and the writing is always funny, I actually laughed out loud many times going through the archives.

Excellent work, man, looking forward to future updates!
Lol, Married with Children rocks!
Fun art and the coloring looks great!