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Cliff 133
a nice guy. admitidley a mediocre spriter, good natured and always looking for a lagh. overthinks evrything.
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I just love it when an old favorite jumps to the front page of my update page! Can't wait!
took three of the enemy team with me, was at camp when we won but we won
actually I never play support, tried a few times but I always seem to get stuck with people who rage at every little mistake I make. I like being the front line fighter anyway and I make a point to be the nice guy, no point in playing in a party if everyone in it hates you
i actually had one cat that liked cigarettes, well, eating them at least. she was the only one my grandpa would ever willingly share his with. she was actually old enough to smoke too. my grands had her for at least 20 years
not much for this page really.
Raccoons are such mischifeous creachures aren't they? also, Cliff's supposed to have a very intimidating smile (he's got some very pronounced teeth)

one last thing. a little game I'm working into the comic. each chapter has a song to go with it. somewhere in the dialogue of the comic are the clues to the song. the person who said it, what they said, etc. it aint gonna be easey. the first one is in this page. let's see if ya can figure it out.
I know I was never really good at updating regularly to begin with. but now I've got some hardware of my own. expect the next page of story in a day or two.
seeing a very slight plot hole between this and the sprite mansion. I know mansion comics are usually out of cannon but unless Rika unsealed her persona at some point between these events she shouldn't have it.
@Inxerene: I can understand that. I'm not to good with moovement and dynamic poses. I'd welcome the chance to get some practice with customs. I'll get on that just as soon as I get to a computer that can run mspaint.

could ya remind me why you were asking for help earlier?
I'd love to help but I'm really limited at the moment (it seems like the world is out to stop me from doing anything sprite related) but if ya post some rough sprites I'll see what I can do if you're okay with the wait.
@epicness: it's a part of Cliff's back story. check page 2 for a little info. I'll go into it in more detail later. it'll make sense eventually
i promise

plus people are less likely to mess with you if they think you've had formal training. and the sword made of electricity helps to.
@epicness: who needs coffee when you can absorb pure energy. cuts out that annoying middleman the metabolic system.
I'm on a roll! two updates in one week!
@foxpuff: I'd reccomend posting the new sheet and deleting the old one. that way the old stuff is out of the way and the new one is put on the most recent strips list so you know the others have the most up to date sprites.
and the first of Cliff's fanged grins. also, cue epic intro music
@pink pikachu: there are some exceptions: ditto can breed with the legendary maniphy to make phione, another legendary, and manaphy acts as a ditto for any pokemon in the water 1 or fairy groups
you can use Cliff if ya like. his kind age differentley, they reach adulthood quickly and stay in their prime for years (that's why the rewind Cliff looks almost exactly like the present Cliff, who is ten years older)

...and no, he's not mobian.
@Draven22: I've got incredibly limited access to MS paint so I can't update as much as I'd like. I post as I finish so please bear with me.
that's why I don't use Nikola much in these comics (when I actually post) she swears so much that I made the censor bar a character just so it could chat with the readers wile blocking Nikolas various colorful phrases. at least on rewind I don't have to use it.