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I'm not really in the drawing mood today. Nor am I feeling very creative today. .___.;;

I also just realized now how bad this page flows.. OTL
Hah, oh gosh Duke. How typical. xDD

I totally forgot I was next, I'll get the page up tomorrow. OTL..
I'll claim page 49, then.. :D
Oh sweeet. I remember trying to do this last year.. xD

I think I still have my old version.
For some reason.. I head a feeling you were going to bring him back. xD
Ian really dislikes being late. Her definition of late is 10 minutes early.. .__.

Just a quick page. I have to work on my projects now. Q__Q

Oh yeah and she carries her bag around whenever she has dance practice after school |D
"Ice cream pervert." Oh gosh I totally forgot about that until now. xD;;
Scary. O__O! And I had a feeling that he might have been covering his eye for a similar reason to that. xDD

I'll take the next page. I'll be sure to introduce Ian.. |D
She's not drinking this early right? That's just tea? |D

.. Perhaps Bailey and Ian can be tea time buddies. 8D
Was I suppose to? OTL.. well maybe next time.

When I think of a way to introduce her. |D
Why are Akari and Arashi's designs so difficult to draw.. and colour. D|

I don't even know. .___.
@whiterabbit : You should check back to the previous comic page. Fire has already explained it. .____.

Edit : I'll take the next page available. I've been busy with preparing an audition, sorry if I haven't been too active. ;A;
Ahh hi. As you can see I haven't been very active lately. ;___;

Well I have a few projects to do. I have to make a pinata thing for Cinco de Mayo for Spanish class, make a book trailer animation for English, an agenda cover for Graphics class... and I have to finish.. more like start on my dance routine for an audition that takes place near the end of May. @___@

Soo uhh.. I'll see you all near the end of May.. Though I have exams to study for in June... But I didn't study last year. *lol*

tl;dr. I'm busy. OTL
I haven't been posting comments.. OTL;;

But I don't want to post on the other pages, I don't want to spaaaaam. >__<

Anyways~ Hey the janitor.. is back? xDD
Just like Ian, OTL. Mainly B2ST, U-KISS and 2NE1... But I like f(x), 4minute, Block B and MBLAQ as well. I like Big Bang too. Oh gosh, I'm so into kpop now. xDD

You can call me Jun.
@Poke : I love milk tea alot. I think it might have replaced my love for Dr.Pepper. xDDD

Awww yeah kpoppers. What groups do you two like? (Unless you're not thaaaat into kpop xP)
Rest in piece oh dear hair of his.

But on the other hand.. He's baaaack, awwwyeah. /o/
Ohhh she has such a sad past. ;A;
Name: Ian (이얀 - rom. Iyan) - Vocaloid C

Age: 17

Specialty Genre: Pop, Korean Pop

Teacher: Kasane Teto

Are You in the Club?: Yes.

Personality: She's especially stubborn when she's asked to sing a Japanese song, nobody knows why she usually refuses. She's gets a bit fangirly when she sees her favourite idols or hears their songs. Other than that, she tries to play everything cool because she has a bit of an ego when it comes to singing.

Designed as a Japanese vocaloid known as 0330 by a record company but was quickly scrapped because she refused to sing Japanese songs. She doesn't mind singing English songs either, but she's terrible at it.

After finishing school, she plans to audition and try to become a trainee to become a Korean idol. Even if it's a long and tedious process.

Extra Notes
Character item : Hong Kong styled Milk Tea

She likes to practice dancing and rapping on her free time. Even though she's horrible at rapping. She is learning how to break dance on her free time.
She likes both Korean and Japanese music, she just doesn't like singing in Japanese. She prefers Korean music more though.

I'll probably fix or add a bit more in the future.


Oh hai, Hime-Chan here. I dunno man, it's been a year and my drawing style has changed alot. ;0;

And I'm obsessed with Korean music now. Sooo.. don't be too surprised.. *lol*
I drew my character a couple days ago but forgot to send it in. >__<;;

I'm not planning on using Ai or Suishou anymore. They 'retired'? D: