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dat snorlax
but you're not kids anymore now are you hohoho
A new page! I almost peed my pants.

DUNDUNDUUUUN Cheer up Renji, Rukia's gonna have a bath with youuuuuu~

Well maybe not but just might??? Ooooh, can't wait.
August 17th, 2011
Oh but don't you see Rasputin? It will~
August 16th, 2011
Impatient one, I see. :3
Vanilla's sexy legs. <3
Ooh, a plot~

Looks like that priest-thingy is touching Tommy's chin. :D

And Dake's face on the vote incentive... :)
Are those Ugh's on the vote incentive? Because they look a bit like Ooh's to me lol.
I would really like this comic, but, (I don't know is this reason on my computer/internet connection, or not), I CAN'T SEE PAGES 5-12 and 15 ;_____; so I'm a little bit out of everything.

EDIT: Oh, I see them now~
Aww yeah! <3
Jotaki halusin kommaa mut unohin... D:
George looks so cute in this. <3 But where's she taking DT? D:

Y U DRAW SO PRETTY? I adore your art, it's so...perfect. <3
Oh damn. <3

This page is totally made my day.

Meaning, I just woke up and had a feeling that this day is gonna be sad and boring. But now that feeling is so gone.

I shall love you for this. <3

Also, I keep coming back to see this again.

Why you make me listen this all over and over again. D:

But it's cool really. :D

No wait, this is so awesome. <3
Oh wow. Music hurting my ears. Just that it's so loud! D:
Make up seeeex~

Please let it be...
Oh dear. XD

Making me laugh at 4 am. As in I just woke up. When nothing is funny... Well done. :)

Is there gonna be HG run, or is this just for today?
Zuko. Oh what a lovely name. I have no idea where you got that. *whistle*

But no, seriously. <3
Third panel is win.
I thought that because I know the story (of the little mermaid, that is), I know what happens next, but I really don't.

AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT PAGE! <3 please hurry up!
Ommagee awsum. :3