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Pres looks like she's just so tired of this lol
Awwww man you kill me with all this cuteness <3
@Plerp: You echo my thoughts, friend. These comics make my day
Oh, the cover is amazing! I love the colors you used!
A beautiful page like always. I hope you feel better soon! <3
So. Much. Cuteness!
Hi Jade! I've just found Cafe Suada recently and I wanted to tell you that's it just lovely, I love everything from the character designs, to the way you pace the story and the amazing detail and color scheme you use on the background. Anyway, I'll be looking forward to the next pages <3
Wallis is amazing <3
July 5th, 2017
Just like Nikolai, I'm confused XD I hope we get to see some more of them <3 and thanks so much for sharing your story!
Hey Androoo

god so cute
I don't think Colette would recognize Ruby, since it was even mentioned in the last page that they (apparently) don't know each other... Ana on the other hand is probably on to something (but it's not like she would go around telling others about it.. right?)
Get better soon! Make sure to rest well :) And thanks for the page! Can't wait to see what will happen next
Oh my, things are getting hot in here!
Thanks Jaclyn! And thanks Emily and Ren for everything as well!
Chanel is just so cute <3
Right in the feels man. Wrapped up nicely, can't wait to see what comes next
@Loptr: She has depression though. All this might end up triggering an episode and who knows if she'll end up suicidal
So happy that you're back! Can't wait for the rest!
Urgh Sue is just sooo cute. Really liking the girls so far
@LittleLynn84: Thanks god - for a moment there I was scared Rain was thinking of dressing as a boy! Wow, I really have NO idea of what you're planning!