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Stretch Longfellow
Author of the webcomic Spoofy Randomness.
He can't be dead yet. His eyes haven't turned to cartoony "X"s.
@Barn0wl: Plus Ditto aren't found in Hoenn, and as far as I can recall the comic has stayed true to this.
@ShinyHoundoom229: In a way, as shown in Panel 9. You get medals for earning 50, 100, 150, 200, and 255 medals. Almost to 200!
@Guest: Tuesdays during any season but winter.
Lines actually DO exist in B/W; you have to stand in line in order to buy a CasteliaCone.

Other things to add realism to the game: bathroom breaks and needing to eat (and feed your Pokemon)/sleep.
I have infected you all with my breeding habits! Also, that is a small pile of Dratini. You should have seen me trying to breed Snorlax...
Check your speech bubble in Panel 2. This coming from the guy who doesn't use speech bubbles. :)

My shiny Linoone would totally kick all y'all's butts in cooking. Just saying.
Yay, warm laundry!
Freaking Zubats. But hey, my Togetic evolved! ^.^
Yay, color!
Wow, you really went all out to show how bad my art is in comparison. :) I'm jealous of your artsy skill. No wonder I posted all five days; what I lack in quality, I can make up in quantity!

*holds Togetic back from the cupcake*
It's been fun
I had a blast drawing Louis and Pi's comic, and I enjoyed Louis's contributions to my own comic, Spoofy Randomness (seriously, if you haven't checked out my comic after all of this, SHAME ON YOU). I can only imagine what will happen next year!

Anyway, the comic commentary. That's my full team, a Castform, Regigigas, shiny Linoone (yes, I have one), and of course, Togetic.

These last two comics were quickly sketched before I left for St. Paul Tuesday night and edited in my hotel (commentary was late on account of the hotel internets failing me). Somehow, miracles of miracles, I managed to produce 5 comics for one week, even with being on the road. Spoofy Randomness readers, this is not, I repeat, NOT a precedent to go by!

Now for epic sugar crash.
The Cupcake
Yeah, so that's why my Togetic hits me with cupcakes...

Also, random non-canon theory that could scientifically work for the win?

Anyway, that's Laura in Panels 5 and 6. I'm ignoring the fact that she would not have called me Jake back then just to spite those of you who keep getting confused when they her Laura call me such (remember, this is a flashback to my freshman year; I'm a senior). Laura did appear in a previous comic (the Minnesota one) with her Oddish.
In theory, this could work. To expand on yesterday's commentary, I tend to be opposed to crack theories that are disproved by canon (seriously guys, Venonat DOES NOT evolve into Butterfree, even if they look slightly similar). Theories such as this one, with semi-scientific backing... I will not claim it to be canon, but I will point out that it could be viable if spin-offs crossed. And then I'll shut up about it.

Anyway, now you know how I got my Togepi! Also, cameo by Chris Rusae of my old comic, Spoofy Randomness, with his Chikorita that he has been shown with once before (ten points if you can name when). There's some truth to panel 4; when Louis and other peoples were starting up this whole partner Pokémon thing, I started thinking about what I would want. Being the two-time champion of the unofficial Omaha tournaments and a fairly competitive player, I was thinking something pretty cool. Next thing I know however, Louis has drawn me getting a cupcake smashed in my face by Togetic (who happened to be on my team as HGSS had just come out). It stuck, so now I have a Togetic. ^.^ The rest of my team will be revealed Friday (no joke).
Shadow Togepi
I'm not a big fan of most spin-off media from the main series (the anime, Pinball, etc.), but there are two things that I will give credit to. One is the GameCube games, in particular Colosseum (kinda of a semi-spin-off, as they can still interact with the GBA games...), and the other is Ranger. I get WAY too addicted to the Ranger games. Anyway, my character here has traveled the Pokemon world to work his way up to Pokemon Master, as well as being a Top Ranger, two accomplishments I have succeeded in myself. I happened to notice that the Capture Styler, at least in theory, does very much the same function as purification. So will this work? Find out tomorrow! Looker is in the background because if someone is locking away the hearts of Pokemon, I would hope the International Police would get involved.

In addition, this comic gives the basic rules for Partner Pokemon. Freshmen get one, sophomores get two, etc. This is a flashback to my freshman year; I am now a senior. I'll reveal my four partners Friday.
Take Over
That's right! You take over my comic, I shall get revenge!

Also, the reason why Pi has such a crappy computer (seriously, it's like an Apple IIGS or something) is because when I studied abroad, the technology in my flat was HORRIBLE. Don't know if you're in the same boat, Pi, but it's now my comic so I don't care. :P
Silly Togetic
Not my face again! Now I need to make Steffan cupcakes to replace the ones Togetic got a hold of. Between Sandshrew and Togetic, poor Steffan can't eat any food he makes.

Thanks for the comic plug, by the way! :)
That just looks like a bad idea... >.< However, wouldn't that make Charizard's Flamethrower more deadly? Powered up by alcohol AND he can't aim...yikes, I'm hiding my Scizor.
Zoomy Zoomy
Have fun Pi! Hopefully your derpy Dragonite flies you to Ireland instead of Iceland (I misread the first panel and was confused). Although maybe you could search for a Heatran then...
Super Effective
It fell victim to a Powder Snow attack by Mother Nature.
Lab Report
I demand to see Steffan's lab reports.