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We noticed! Kind of hard not to, since you pointed it out yourself.

But it was clearly the right decision, so kudos for that regardless.
Always do the opposite of what the internet tells you? But the opposite would be to DO what it tells me which is NOT to do what it tells me, which.... I would say this way leads to insanity, but I started by doing what the internet tells me which means I was already crazy!

Well, I've said before that I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid. That, at least, is still true.
'Xal-Gox yakisoba'? The mind boggles. Or it starts to then goes into P.S.O.D. (that's a 'plaid screen of death' - for the color plaid, refer to 'A Deepness in the Sky' by Vernor Vinge).
The 'male creepers' would really like her outfit the way it fits when she stretches in the first panel. They're no danger to her though, since as soon as they knew what she's really like they'd be running in terror!

I might be an exception though, since with a background in chemistry, physics, and math (also linguistics, though that doesn't apply here) I could 'defuse' her 'counterattack' by asking "Could you explain how that works?" and understanding at least part of her answer. (I would be harmless anyway, since I would actually be interested in her explanation to the point that I would stop staring at her (relative) lack of clothing.)

I do like Tabitha. Or was that already obvious? (If she were a few years older I could imagine some moderately serious 'making out' with the dialogue all in tensor calculus.) (OK, some exaggerating, but not a lot.)
Moral superiority trumps allllllll
You are quickly suffused by the virtue you are gaining by taking the harm on yourself, humbly saving thoughtless others from their folly. You can save even more poor ignorant souls by drinking a glass of milk as you eat the Moral Superiority O's carefully drowned in 151 proof rum.

That last would probably be your breakfast on the 3rd day of the convention (or later if it's longer) eaten (drunk?) at some random time because you've not yet slept since you got to the hotel. If you have enough still-functioning brain cells to find it the best place to eat breakfast would be sitting on the floor in the middle of the lobby.
Can be hard to tell.
Actual intelligent creatures don't use that intelligence a lot of the time. We just go with the default action for most situations, which is efficient because that usually _is_ the right choice.
We don't know yet....
It's plausible to assume that the Exposition, which is in front of the stolen ship, is about as far away. But the stolen ship could be 10 or 100 times as far, so it's really much larger than it looks in panel 3. Who knows?
So we _finally_ see Tabitha's new outfit. All I can say is 'braaaaaaaain'!

But she really does rock that outfit.

(being overrun by a random idea:)

I see by your outfit that you're a Mad Scientist.
I see by my outfit that I'm a Mad Scientist too.
We see by our outfits that we're both Mad Scientists.
If you get an outfit you can be a Mad Scientist too!

(with apologies to the Smothers Brothers)
Layla's answer should be 'Could YOU do that?' Trigger would realize that of course he _could_ do that himself, and then he would understand.

My head hurts? I don't rem....

A) The kids realize they're under observation (and guarded).

B) Get a message off to their parents who realize the game is up so Mariska gets fired.

C) Evade actual capture, arriving at Threiad just after Stylez (and Tax).

D) And cause every last one of the other consequences Mariska mentioned.

E? The destruction is so vast that Tabitha (using some 'mad science' tech) creates a 'time bubble' to go back before this started and change things so they're 'all better', but Avatar (the only one outside the time bubble who still exists) grabs the outside of the bubble and goes back with Tabitha. Since Avatar remembers the whole disaster, that's now something that actually happened, so the whole mess just happens again, including going back in time via 'time bubble' and happening AGAIN.... forever. That could be covered in anywhere from 5 to 50 strips, after which the comic will go on forever (or until the end of time...whichever is longer) but you will never need to draw any more strips.

They will just repeat forever, and ever, and ever, and ever....

(Go to Wikipedia and lookup Graham's Number. You may need a side trip to Knuth's arrow notation. If you survive that, try the TREE function, and imagine TREE(g64). I expect to hear your head explode from here....
And now for the 24th: The new tri-weekly crisis is.... this is strip "#1199 - page 936 - its that simple" just like the one before. {evil grin} And "its" should really be "it's". {second evil grin}

(and now it's fixed)
To cos-play as one of the Skyscraper Girls I'd solve the problem by making a mock-up instrument that was twice the normal size (or thereabouts).

I'd also like to point out that while it IS true that 'Theorizing over "minor details" is fun.', it would be more accurate to say that it is 'entertaining and intellectually stimulating'. And that goes double for 'meta-theorizing' which is what I'm actually doing right now. Really!!!

My license plate!
Actually that's backwards, the title should be "CHAOS" which is the plate on my car, which I would then have explained down here.

CHAOS, however, is what you get with 'multiple insane ladies' on one ship, so it's not predictable whether, or when, they will cancel each other out, but sometimes they will. It's probably controlled by 'the law of funny', but that is notoriously unpredictable. (It's like how when you try to use the fact that you're genre savvy, it doesn't work.)
Stubborn as... (or more?)
But Layla really is sensitive... sort of like the "obedient mule" in the story. The one that really will do what you say, but... you have to hit it over the head with a 2-by-4 as hard as you can first, 'cause you have to get it's attention.

So, 'messing with Trigger' is sort of Layla's equivalent of getting hit with a 2-by-4: It gets her attention.
Diverse and sundry:
@Ed8: You said
@Stonefoot: So if your cat has kittens, I assume they will be 'Bridget' and 'Alphonse'?

Since Tabby (Tabitha) is fixed, those would be quite appropriate. ;-}}

Also, I'm not really a fan of roller coasters either, but they are iconic for this sort of situation. I've been on an 'old style' (not really high, no near-vertical drops) roller coaster and it was fun, but I'm not anxious to do it again. The new, very high, almost vertical drop types I wouldn't even get close to. Give me the 'Wild Mouse' any day.
(in reverse order)

2) Tabitha may well be up for additional 'making out' with Trigger whenever they happen to meet in the future. He will learn, sooner or later, that she doesn't take this seriously. Better to learn this sooner (and from someone basically nice, like Tabitha) than later.

1) If you don't recognize the song look for 'Criminal' on youtube. It's good.

0) I have an adopted cat named Tabby. (a gray striped tabby-cat, very vocal, very 'cat', already named Tabby before I got her) My 'story' now is that 'Tabby' is short for 'Tabitha'. ;-}}
Fiona Apple
Tabitha (channeling F.A.>>>)
I've been a bad, bad girl,
I've been careless with a delicate man.
It's a sad, sad world
Where a girl will break a boy just because she can.

Tabitha means well and Trigger is getting some (way, way overdue) 'life experience'. I think this will come out a net positive for him... sort of like the rollercoaster where you go back and forth between screaming in terror and screaming from exhilaration - but the next day you want to do it again.
I'm with Tabitha on this one. So, not creepy. ;-}}

@alt_txt: Trigger had to learn these rules some way. Probably by breaking them. For the last one, I'm guessing there was once pictorial evidence, but Layla "took care" of it.
LEDs plus a heating element is a good idea - with a separate heating element, you could have something that would last a lot longer, since the incandescent bulb is usually the point of failure. Both would also need the artificial gravity, since the bubbles wouldn't rise in the bubble light without it.

So with the tech and the physics completely changed, we end up with stuff that looks exactly the same. I like that. ;-}}

I also like Tabitha's "'suggestions' of physics" - especially considering that QED (quantum electrodynamics) derives equations directly from theory which are mind-bogglingly accurate, using one step that's... er... mathematically "illegal". (Look up 'renormalization'.)