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Wow! It's been a while since I've visited this ol' section of the internet!

Then again, I've had a grin on my face for the past twenty minutes whilst catching up with the comic, so I guess that makes up for it ;).

Keep up the good work!
Aww, and there I was hoping for a Badgerfrog...
No worries, I often get two, too and to mixed up.
If you want to be evil and mess with the mind of someone learning English, tell them to make a sentence with the words:
two, too, to, which, witch, red, read, sea and see.
(But don't write it on the board)
Darkside points gained!
They see me Trollin', they hatin'.
Fantabulous, as always.
I approve of the ringtone.
TWO bars?!?! I'm surprised he's lasted this long.
Mist of Despair? More like a Fog of Schizophrenia.
For Frodo!
That old man is getting weirder every time I look at him...
Pirates are like potatoes... If you eat them they will die.
I dunno... The spider is helping, but that might be a part of its master plans...
Hmmm. I still think the spider is planning something...
Spiders are evil. I don't care if he lets him go, the spider is planning something evil.
Well, it's better than my idea of an anarcho-syndicalist commune, where they take it in turns to be a sort of "executive officer" for the week.
Looks like they're not in Kansas anymore!
But they probably were not even in Kansas to begin with.
Which kinda makes this comment irrelevant...
Ooh. I know what happens next! I get £1,000,000!
Ah yes. Hula dancers. My one, true foe...
Wha- Swimming pool? *looks at comic 8*
Oh I see.

On another note, what are the point of these common colds? I understand the old saw of what doesn't kill you, (which don't apply to colds as they do nothing but waste time!)but may I say, especially as a person with a lower immune system, colds are damn annoying!
Maybe if we got rid of the word "common" then people wont catch it as much?

Please look to the left of the comment for my facial reaction to colds.
Yup, went last week, got back yesterday. Went to Moscow + St. Petersburg for a History trip... In winter...
Wow. That was cold...

Y'know what else is cold? Russia in -30C temperature. No amount of layers will protect you.

Good trip though.
There are quite a few at the school where I go to whose games include Dead Space and Mass Effect.I don't find it much of a surprise as I might have done Humpty-seven years ago as we do now live in the age where nearly EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD is a gamer.
This is so much like me.
Except instead of flaming lamps, it's coursework...
And instead of Sonic, its Civilisation 5...
And my name's not Winston...